Save 96% on this helpful PDF editing tool for Black Friday

Mashable - Thu, 11/26/2020 - 05:55

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to PDFBEAR PDF Software is on sale for £31.49 as of Nov. 26, using the code BFSAVE40 at the checkout.

We’ve all been there. You wait half the day for a vital document and when it arrives — it's a PDF. You have no way of editing it.

PDFBear is designed specifically to solve that problem. Once you've downloaded PDFBear, you can turn PDFs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, and even JPEG images with ease. (It also works in reverse, allowing you to change any type of file into a PDF, but you could probably already do that.)

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Become a tech pro with this all-in-one certification bundle

Mashable - Thu, 11/26/2020 - 05:50

TL;DR: The All-In-One AWS, Cisco, and CompTIA Super Certification Bundle is on sale for £52.25 as of Nov. 26, using the code BFSAVE70 at the checkout.

Earning certain IT certifications can be a great way to prove your knowledge, even if you don't have years of experience under your belt.

The All-In-One AWS, Cisco, and CompTIA Super Certification Bundle can certainly help — it includes 20 courses and more than 240 hours of content on three IT skill certifications: AWS, Cisco, and CompTIA. 

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For a limited time, you can snag the learning package for under £100. Here's a taste of what's included: Read more...

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ZenMate VPN is extending subscriptions for free this Black Friday

Mashable - Thu, 11/26/2020 - 05:45

SAVE 79%: A one-year subscription to ZenMate VPN is on sale for £1.99 per month as of Nov. 25, and includes an extra six months for free.

This is the best time of the year to invest in a VPN, with all the leading providers offering their best deals around Black Friday. The only real problem with this is that there are a lot of deals to consider, and it's not easy to pick a favourite.

It's important to consider your priorities before investing in anything. Do you need something with advanced security features? Or are you looking for something that can unlock streaming sites? Are you willing to pay big, or do you want a cheap option? These are questions that you need to ask yourself. Read more...

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Mads Mikkelsen confirmed as 'Fantastic Beasts' franchise's new Grindelwald

Mashable - Thu, 11/26/2020 - 03:29

The Harry Potter universe has finally found a new fantastic beast. 

Warner Bros. has officially confirmed Mads Mikkelsen will replace Johnny Depp in the third Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film, making Dumbledore's crush on the wizard Nazi Grindelwald make way more sense.

Mikkelsen is no stranger to evil magic users, having previously played supervillain sorcerer Kaecilius in Doctor Strange. The Danish actor also has a significant history of playing amoral or downright villainous characters such as Hannibal's charismatic title character, and was the eponymous Bitch in the music video for Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money." Read more...

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Walmart PlayStation 5 restock: Where to get one of the coveted consoles

Mashable - Thu, 11/26/2020 - 02:00

TL;DR: Walmart has confirmed that they will be doing an online restock of both editions of the PlayStation 5 on Nov. 25 at 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST.


Getting a PlayStation 5 in 2020 has been almost impossible. Only a lucky handful of folks have actually been able to score one of the coveted consoles, but not without enduring a massive amount of stress and multiple website crashes. While it probably won't get any easier to actually get one into your shopping cart, we know now that you'll at least have a few more chances to get a PlayStation 5 before the year is out (PlayStation confirmed as much on Twitter).  Read more...

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Walmart confirms Xbox Series X and Series S restock: Here's how to get one

Mashable - Thu, 11/26/2020 - 01:59

TL;DR: Walmart has confirmed that they will be doing an online restock of both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on Nov. 25 at 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST.


If you were able to get an Xbox Series X or Series S before this moment, then good for you! Many others weren't so lucky — ordering next-gen consoles in 2020 has been an absolute nightmare. And honestly, it probably isn't going to get any easier. The only good news we can give you is that your chances to actually get one into your shopping cart will most likely be more frequent as the holiday shopping season continues to ramp up.  Read more...

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Walmart is restocking the Oculus Quest 2 ahead of Black Friday. Here's when to buy.

Mashable - Thu, 11/26/2020 - 00:00

TL;DR: The Oculus Quest 2 64GB VR headset will be restocked at Walmart at 7 p.m. ET Nov. 25.

Virtual reality gaming has made its way into the mainstream and headsets are actually accessible and affordable. The Oculus Quest 2 is a popular VR headset that seems to sell out as soon as it's restocked. 

The headset is unavailable at Amazon until Dec. 7, but Walmart is having a special limited quantity restock ahead of Black Friday. You'll be able to score the Oculus Quest 2 for $299 at Walmart starting Wednesday, Nov. 25 at 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST.

Mashable's reviewer gave the Oculus Quest 2 a high rating and wrote, "The Quest 2 is, simply put, VR finally done right." It's a stand-alone VR headset, so you don't need a PC or console to play, and it has sharp graphics and adapts to your movement. Read more...

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This 70-inch TV for less than $500 is one of our favorite Black Friday deals

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 23:45

70-inch 4K TV for under $500: The last portion of Walmart's Black Friday Deals for Days features a 70-inch Vizio 4K TV for $478, a Special Buy released just for the event starting at 7 p.m. EST Nov. 25.

Most of 2020 feels like a glitch that we'd like to delete from memory. But, in the spirit of being thankful, this year did bring a few good things — like the spiked seltzer takeover, Tiger King, and Baby Yoda.

Thanks to large LCD sheets becoming easier and cheaper to make, 2020 was also the year of big TVs getting really cheapWalmart's third Black Friday event of the month has a prime example: You can upgrade to a 70-inch 4K screen without going over $500. This stellar Vizio deal will be available to add to your cart as of 7 p.m. EST on Nov 25. Read more...

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How to stay politically involved in a post-Trump world

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 23:27

Mashable's Jess Joho breaks down why we're not going "back to brunch." Ever.

To read the full story, click here.

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Why I can't go back home for the holidays, even in 'Animal Crossing'

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 23:22

The house was in the same place I'd left it all those months ago — but everything was changed. The flowers grayed, bushes bare, an infestation of weeds now encroached on the pastel-tinted memories that once blossomed in my Animal Crossing town.

I stopped visiting Tiddy City (yes, that's my island and proud of it) sometime over the summer. When Animal Crossing: New Horizons serendipitously released right as lockdown orders began sweeping the nation at the end of March, it became a lifeline for me and many others. But "lifeline" is a generous word to describe my Animal Crossing co-dependence, as the hundreds of hours I sunk into completing video game chores, working to pay off imaginary bills, scheming the turnip stalk market, learning honest-to-god botany to crossbreed digital flowers, and celebrating knock-off holidays like Bunny Day (Easter) with friends replaced the real-world interactions that had suddenly became too dangerous to enjoy. Read more...

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The true story of Thatcher's downfall is way wilder than 'The Crown'

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 22:04

UK industry was decimated by a decade of closures. Northern cities were wastelands of shut-down, boarded-up shops. A homophobic new law called Section 28 barred teachers and local councils from even discussing LGBTQ matters. And a poll tax had just been introduced, road-tested in Scotland first, which charged everyone the same fee for local government services no matter their income. Riots in the center of London were the response. 

All this was the legacy of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1990, her eleventh year in power. None of it is mentioned in the latest season of The Crown — which, to its credit, features Gillian Anderson absolutely nailing the ghastly political personality Thatcher had constructed for herself. (Yes,  constructed: Thatcher hired a voice coach to give her that deep authoritarian boom, wiping over the light, lyrical Lincolnshire accent of her youth.) Read more...

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College students discovered an invisible ancient text with their school assignment — Future Blink

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 21:40

Students at the Rochester Institute of Technology used a UV imaging system they built for a freshman year assignment to reveal lost writing from the 15th century.  Read more...

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Ron Howard reflects on what he's learned throughout his iconic career

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 20:51

Legendary director Ron Howard looks back on his prolific career and the lessons he's learned since first starting out in Hollywood.  Read more...

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It's time to suck it up and do Zoom happy hours again

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 20:40

At first, Zoom happy hours were novel. And fun!

Next, they were an underwhelming necessity. An "it's better than nothing" option.

Eventually, they became ... boring. And a little bit depressing. Most of us just stopped doing them. This also happened to be around the same time we learned masked and socially distanced outdoor get togethers were relatively safe.

But now it's time again, folks. Suck it up and do Zoom happy hours again.

The coronavirus is surging across the United States. In this country, over 13 million people have contracted the virus, and over 266,000 people have died. States and cities are reverting to the most stringent forms of lockdown. Even outdoor dining is shuttering in some cities, notably Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the weather has turned, so those outdoor social distance hangs aren't as appealing. Public officials are begging people not to gather with friends and family for the holidays.  Read more...

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Everything coming to HBO Max in December 2020

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 20:38


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'SNL' announces December hosts including Kristen Wiig and Timothée Chalamet

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 20:05

Saturday Night Live will return for a final crop of 2020 shows in December.

The three-week run of shows will be hosted by Jason Bateman, Timothée Chalamet, and Kristen Wiig, with respective musical guests Morgan Wallen, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, and Dua Lipa. 

❄️ December shows ❄️

— Saturday Night Live - SNL (@nbcsnl) November 25, 2020

Wallen was originally slated to appear on the show in October, but had his invitation revoked after violating NBC and SNL's strict COVID-19 safety protocols. Wallen apologized publicly and expressed remorse for his actions, respecting the show's decision.  Read more...

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The Sill's Black Friday sale is here — for green thumbs, black thumbs, and everyone in between

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 20:01

Here are the top Black Friday deals from The Sill to start growing your indoor garden: 

The Sill's Black Friday sale is live as of Nov. 25, and they're bringing deals up to 50% off to help you expand your plant collection. From low maintenance houseplants to faux varieties, The Sill is here to help people with any level of plant experience. All the sale plants listed here come in one of The Sill's stylish minimal pots, so you'll get a little modern decor along with your new green pal, too.  Read more...

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Which of the big three smart speakers should you buy?

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 14:00

There's team Alexa, team Siri, and team Google Assistant. Which one are you?

If you're confused about which smart speaker to invest in, I don't blame you. There have been quite a few to hit the scene in the last few months. It's highly likely, though, that you're stuck choosing between the big three: Apple's HomePod mini, Google's Nest Audio, and Amazon's Echo. All of which are competitively priced at $99. 

I know... that shared price point doesn't help make the decision any easier. 

But beyond pricing, there are a few other things to take into consideration when choosing which smart speaker is right for you, specifically design, audio quality, connected apps, and voice assistant capabilities.  Read more...

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'Small Axe' is Steve McQueen's 'love letter to Black resilience' in London's West Indian community

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 13:59

You might be missing the Mangrove Nine or the Brixton Uprising from your history lessons, but Steve McQueen's new film series will make sure you learn up. 

Small Axe is a collection of five films from the British director about London's Black community between the late 1960s and mid-1980s, which particularly focuses on the experiences of the British Caribbean community, the prevalence of systemic racism and police brutality, and those who mustered the power of collective action to demand change. 

McQueen's series comes at the end of a year which has seen the Black Lives Matter movement dominating headlines and conversation and thousands hitting the streets across America and cities around the globe demanding justice following the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other Black people at the hands of officers. These protests included cities across the UK, where systemic racism and police violence also has a long history, with strong anti-racist movements emerging in London in the '60s, '70s, and '80s — something Small Axe brings to light.  Read more...

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Banish your black thumb with the Click & Grow Smart Garden 3

Mashable - Wed, 11/25/2020 - 13:00

Currently, there are three rather delicate, edible plants — thyme, parsley, and arugula — hanging on to dear life on my balcony. They require love and (more importantly) water every day, and despite being at home 24/7 because of COVID-19, I still can’t get a healthy care routine going.

For those of us who have the black thumb of death or living spaces without light conditions conducive to growing plants, an indoor smart garden might be our best (and only) chance at becoming the gardeners we were never destined to be.

The Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 is an all-in-one indoor garden system that provides the light source, food, and water you need to successfully grow fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers from inside your home. Read more...

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