Inside Feeld's disaster of a rebrand

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 23:21

Weeks ago, Mashable reported that "dating app for the curious" Feeld partnered with users for a rebrand, with app updates coming in the following days. Not only did the relaunch take longer to roll out, but according to one employee, it's been a "complete shit show."

Problems with the app included Feeld sharing potential matches' exact locations instead of reporting how many miles away they were, which was the case in previous versions.

Mashable spoke with 10 Feeld users and two current Feeld employees about the hellish relaunch. The users said they wished to remain anonymous due to privacy concerns around their dating lives, while the employees wished to be anonymous so as to not jeopardize their jobs.

What went down on the Feeld

Users agree that Feeld was never perfect in terms of functionality. Prior to this debacle, the app was glitchy, but it was usable; examples users identified were crashing and forcing you to reopen the app or messages disappearing. Users said they were excited about the prospect of an app update to fix these snags. As it turns out, this update only created problems, with most users Mashable spoke to claiming the app is now unusable. 

A Feeld spokesperson told Mashable that the entire company has been working "around the clock" to resolve the situation, echoing a statement by CEO Ana Kirova posted on December 3.

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On November 30, Feeld posted on X (formerly Twitter) that the app is currently down for updates:

Tweet may have been deleted

This was apparently supposed to be a 12-hour shutdown (according to one user who spoke to Mashable and one on X) to get the app update running. But by December 1, users expressed that they still weren't able to access the app, evidenced by the replies to this post and other posts on X. The same day, Feeld announced the app rebuild in its online magazine, promising features like limitless gender changes and video messages. 

Since then, however, people can't even seem to use basic functions of the app. Some can't log in at all or the app states that their accounts have been deleted — including members who pay for the app. (Majestic, the paid version of Feeld, costs $24.99 for 30 days, $42.99 for 90 days, or $124.99 for one year, the spokesperson told Mashable).

Some members haven't been able to get into their Feeld accounts since the relaunch. Credit: Screenshot: Feeld

Feeld members have taken to social media — like official X and Instagram accounts, or the unaffiliated Feeld subreddit — to express their frustrations. The Feeld subreddit mod told Mashable that on a typical day, there's usually a handful of posts, but on the day of the update there were 300 — all about some issue or complaint. This resulted in a stickied Update Discussion thread, which currently has thousands of comments. 

The problems range from minor to major. Perhaps the biggest safety concern is location-sharing. Prior to the rebuild, location was stated by miles away (i.e. "less than a mile away" or "5 miles away"), but when the app came back online, people's exact locations were listed instead. 

"Finding out that people's exact locations were suddenly visible and not even being able to get into the app properly to try to fix this was really horrible and scary," said member Chloe Jones, a pseudonym, in an email.

To combat this in the short term, Feeld disabled location for everyone. According to the note from Kirova about the update issues, as of December 4, "The only time a name of a location will be included in your profile is if you are using our Locations feature to set a specific area to explore." 

Feeld also said on Instagram that the distance users set to find matches is still respected, but commenters claimed some members showing up were not local to them due to lack of location-sharing.

Another privacy concern born out of the update is that people a member had previously disconnected from (Feeld's version of "unmatched") could now see that member's profile and photos. This was noticed by both an employee and an anonymous user who spoke to Mashable via email.

"There is some inherent safety [issue] around privacy here," the user wrote, "because someone jaded about being 'disconnected' certainly has available to them the means to screenshot profiles, falsely report the person who disconnected them, or the like."

Mashable also received a screenshot of a user's profile in which the age was listed as 17. The spokesperson confirmed it was a display error that has since been rectified.

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Then there's the issue of Majestic members not being able to access paid features. The same anonymous user as above, who has been a Majestic member since 2018, said that paid users currently can't access Pings (Feeld's version of Super Likes) and they can't see who liked them, which are both paid features.

"These would be niceties anyways, even if being paid for, if not for the fact the app is borderline unusable on account of ridiculous lag/delay times while loading/navigating," that same user told Mashable.

A Feeld spokesperson told Mashable that the app has provided all Majestic members with complimentary Pings and is "exploring additional opportunities with more information to come." The app is governed by the Apple and Google app store rules for reimbursement and gifting.

The Apple App Store lists several Feeld updates in the last week, from version 7.0.0 (the initial update) to 7.0.2, which launched hours before publication:

Feeld version history in the App Store as of publication. Credit: Screenshot: Apple

When members reach out to the support email address (as the X account advises them to), they receive a canned response, sometimes more than once, they say. "I contacted the support email [five] times, they always give me the same recycled message from the CEO, irrelevant to my issue," another member said in an email. Mashable has reviewed the emails. Another user Mashable spoke to provided similar screenshots of the auto-response:

Feeld support email, which members Mashable spoke to received. Credit: Screenshot: Gmail

According to one Feeld employee who spoke with Mashable over the phone and WhatsApp, the customer service team was fired three months ago and outsourced to a third-party company. Feeld didn't respond to a direct question about this.

This compounds communication issues surrounding the release. Users are not just frustrated about the update itself, but also with how Feeld is publicly handling it. 

According to one Feeld employee, the customer service team was fired three months ago and outsourced to a third-party company.

Since the app has been back online, there have been at least two X threads about the problems: one about hiding your profile from others (before location was disabled) on December 2, and another note from Kirova about the location update and how Feeld's team is working "around the clock to remedy all issues" on December 3. The same statement was posted to Instagram.

Kirova's December 3 note about the updates (which was updated December 4) identified specific problems in addition to location privacy: accessing one's account; login and registration issues (which Feeld said has been fixed); accessing connections (matches) and messages; slow message functionality; and arbitrary account deletions.

"The CEO's canned responses to this mess aren't helping anything," said Chris, a Feeld user since 2019, who said via X direct message that this situation is one of the biggest app blunders he's seen in a while. 

As of publication, Feeld hasn't made any more public statements about the rollout. The spokesperson told Mashable that as Feeld's team continues to make adjustments, they will make their community aware of the updates.

"Users feel like they're being gaslit; the levels of anger in the community are huge, and in my view, entirely justified," Jones wrote. "Feeld likes to talk the talk about supporting marginalized identities and communities, but when the chips are down those are the exact people it has put most at risk — and nobody at Feeld seems to care."

"Users feel like they're being gaslit; the levels of anger in the community are huge, and in my view, entirely justified." - Feeld member "Chloe Jones" Lead up to the launch

Feeld launched in 2014 as 3nder, an app focused on couples finding their "unicorns" (thirds) for threesomes. After Tinder sued the company, the app rebranded as Feeld. In 2021, chief product officer Ana Kirova took over as CEO from her partner and founder of Feeld, Dimo Trifonov. 

In 2022, the company hired CTO Andrew Santus and VP of Growth Jim Hustead. New leadership cared more about making money than the community Feeld fostered, two current employees told Mashable.

The employees told Mashable that Santus brought in Metalab as third-party interface contractors in mid-2022. One employee recalled over Reddit chat that at first Santus said the contractors were there to support internal engineers. The employees said it was then decided that the contractors would help Feeld staff rewrite the app's front and backend from scratch using different programming languages. Metalab hasn't responded to Mashable's questions or request for comment, and Feeld didn't respond to direct questions about Metalab.

The employees said late last year that Feeld developers using the old technology stack (tools to develop an app, like coding languages) were either fired or given new roles, and the quality assurance (QA) team was fired as well. Feeld didn't respond to direct questions about the firings.

A Feeld employee told Mashable that Metalab estimated an alpha version (internal test of a new product) would be ready in January 2023, but that never materialized. Neither did a beta release estimated for March. Meanwhile, the internal Feeld team — which faced more firings, workers quitting, or contracts running out — kept the old code of the app working. Slowly, according to one employee, more of the internal Feeld team worked on the rewrite as well.

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According to employees, the launch of the rewrite faced delay after delay. The idea was to release on "Feeld's birthday," but that date kept being pushed back, too. Employees describe working long, exhausting hours for months to get the new version of the app completed. 

Due to the lack of a QA team, the app rewrite didn't have extensive testing. Neither of the Feeld employees were surprised at the bugs present at relaunch, nor about the backlash. One of them has mixed feelings, because they want the app to work for its members and that's what they're pushing for, but they believe management is only pushing to fix the bugs because of potential loss of revenue.

In mid-November, Mashable reported on the app rebrand, which featured different fonts and visuals, with app updates coming "in the following days." That same day, Feeld hosted parties in cities like New York and Los Angeles to celebrate the rebrand. One employee told Mashable over WhatsApp that more money was pumped into these public events and in marketing than in fixing technical issues. Feeld's LinkedIn lists 23 employees associated with marketing and 16 in engineering as of this publication.

Days after the party, Feeld wrote in its magazine, "Everything is changing," describing the rebrand in terms of visuals and animations, but with no mention of the backend changes.

It seems that everything has changed — for the worse, some employees and users say. "This is beyond terrible. It is outrageous," one member told Mashable in an email after describing how a chat with a promising match disappeared. "And there goes another connection. I am heartbroken."

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Unique gift ideas for every kind of mom

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No matter the gifting occasion, you want to wow your mom. She spent years of her life providing for you, and now you're in a place where you can *kind of* return the favor.

While she probably won't say no to a new high-tech vacuum or kitchen appliance (you'll find a couple on this list), make sure not to pigeonhole your mother by looking only at stereotypical "mom gifts." Remember, moms are actual, whole human beings outside of being your mom! Instead, consider gifts that are actually for her and don’t just have to do with weirdly gendered mom pursuits, an all-too-common issue that afflicts many a gift guide.

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Best gifts for parents: Great gift ideas for moms, dads, and guardians

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The thing is, you can't really ask them for ideas. They'll almost always tell you that they don't want or need anything, just quality time together or a handwritten card. But let's be real: You still feel compelled to get them something every time a gift-giving holiday rolls around. And it's got to be something good.

When shopping around, try to think outside the box and consider their hobbies: Do they travel? Are they into neat gadgets? Do they like doing couple-y things? You'll want to get them something they'll love and use, but also (hopefully) something that will help them connect with you (their kid) as well.

If you're totally stumped, then don't worry — that's what we're here for. Below, we've rounded up a selection of over 40 unique gifts for parents. It should help take some of the guesswork out of buying a present for the mom or dad who already seems to have everything.

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Windows 10 updates won’t be free after 2025 — here’s why

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 20:34

Windows 10 is unfortunately coming to the end of its life cycle. In 2025, Microsoft's OS will no longer receive free updates and support as the company transitions its efforts to Windows 11 and potentially Windows 12.

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According to a blog post from Microsoft on Tuesday, starting Oct. 14, 2025, the company will start charging for Windows 10 security updates. The reasoning is quite simple; Windows 10 is almost a decade old at this point and Microsoft is not willing to give full support to a potential three operating systems. As it phases out Windows 10, the company hopes to entice users to transition to Windows 11, which is free for eligible PCs at the moment.

If you want to upgrade to Windows 11 right now, it's easy and free. Launched in 2021, it's not the most revolutionary Windows OS to exist, but it's suitable for those looking for a change — but not too much change. You can also keep Windows 10 and not pay for the updates, but that leaves you vulnerable to bad actors looking to exploit soon-to-be abandonware.

If you want to wait, recent rumors suggest Windows 12 will see a 2024 release, but that information is a bit sketchy. If true, Windows 12 won't be a free update like Windows 11, but what that OS will offer in terms of AI advancement is exciting. Or you can switch to Linux if that's your thing.

Either way, 2025 is a long time away so there's no need to make a decision now. Microsoft did not make it clear how much it'll charge for future updates.

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Time's Person of the Year is Taylor Swift, here's what the internet thinks

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 20:30

After dominating stadiums, charts, headlines, and the box office, it's official: Taylor Swift is Time's Person of the Year for 2023.

For many, Swift is forever and always their person of the year, but that doesn't mean this isn't an opportunity for Swifties to celebrate. Since the release of Lover in 2019, the pop star shied away from interviews, preferring to keep her story in her own hands. Therefore, the cover story is particularly exciting for fans and casual spectators alike.

Tweet may have been deleted

In a tweet praising the Time cover story, she acknowledged her hesitance to do press and wrote, "I have tRuSt iSSueS when it comes to interviews but I couldn’t be happier that I did this one with [Sam Lansky]." The interview in question is full of the kinds of tidbits that will keep Stan Twitter (and anyone else keen to comment on Swift's every move) busy for weeks.

Swift, a devoted cat lady, with lyrics like, "Karma is a cat," posed with one of her three cats, Benjamin Button, draped around her neck. In a tweet, Swift wrote, "Time Magazine: We’d like to name you Person of the Yea- Me: Can I bring my cat." Many praised the classically Swift move, while others poked fun at the move to only include Benjamin.

Tweet may have been deleted

An Eras Tour update account wrote, "Meredith and Olivia Swift are silent amidst the reveal of Benjamin Button Swift’s feature on Taylor Swift’s cover shoot for TIME’s 'Person Of The Year.'" Another fan joked, "she got one male cat and he’s the one on cover where’s the feminism."

Tweet may have been deleted Tweet may have been deleted

In true Swiftie fashion, many are using the cover story as an opportunity to clown about Reputation (Taylor's Version)'s announcement and release date. For example, one fan urged, "actually releasing rep tv after being named person of the year would be sooooooooo cunty do it taylor."

Tweet may have been deleted

In one of the buzziest quotes from the story, Swift compared her journey rerecording her previous albums to the quests from the quintessential millennial franchises Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and Avengers. She said, "I'm collecting horcruxes. I’m collecting infinity stones. Gandalf's voice is in my head every time I put out a new one. For me, it is a movie now."

One fan posted a screenshot of the quote with the caption, "I JUST PASSED OUT." Others were quick to roll their eyes at the references. An X / Twitter user said, "You can be the most talented millennial in the world but you’re still a millennial at the end of the day." Writer Hunter Harris tweeted, "say sike lmao." Someone replied with a photo of a person wearing a shirt reading "ex Swiftie."

Tweet may have been deleted Tweet may have been deleted

The decision to name Swift Person of the Year was not without its critics. Many condemned Time for giving the distinction to an American pop star while the bombardment of Gaza continues. One X / Twitter user wrote, "times person of the year when russia invaded ukraine vs when israel is committing literal genocide against palestinians." The tweet garnered over 68,000 likes. Another user quote tweeted the image of Swift and Benjamin, suggesting Person of the Year should have been given to one of the courageous journalists in Gaza. Others criticized Swift for receiving Person of the Year after a fan died at her show.

Tweet may have been deleted Tweet may have been deleted
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Get your hands on the Garmin Forerunner 745 while it's down to its lowest price ever

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SAVE $230: As of Dec. 6, the Garmin Forerunner 745 smartwatch is on sale for just $269.99 at Amazon, down from $499.99. That's not only 46% in savings, but also its lowest price ever.

Opens in a new window Credit: Garmin Garmin Forerunner 745 $269.99 at Amazon (save $230) Get Deal

Trying to select a smartwatch from the overly saturated market is overwhelming enough to make a grown man cry. There's health and fitness-based trackers, all-rounders like the Apple Watch, sports-focused smartwatches, and everything in between. It helps if you're able to narrow down your options based on your needs. Runners and triathletes, for example, should go with a smartwatch specifically built to keep track of pace, distance, routes, and other metrics with a battery life that can handle your training schedule.

The Garmin Forerunner watches are exactly that — and as of Dec. 6, one of their top models, the Garmin Forerunner 745, is on sale for just $269.99 at Amazon. While Amazon has its list price at $399.99, the smartwatch actually goes for $499.99 at Garmin's own website. That would make this a 46% price drop from its MSRP and its lowest price to date. Even better, all four color options are in stock and on sale. Choose from black, red, tropic (a vibrant shade of turquoise), or whitestone.

The Forerunner 745 is our favorite running watch for a few reasons. It offers specialized running metrics like cadence, stride length, ground contact time, balance, and training status. Not to mention, it features stats like VO2 max, training load, intensity minutes, body battery, and blood oxygen saturation to help you train when you're actually feeling your best. If you feel drained, chances are your stats will prove it to you. We also love that Garmin smartwatches, the Forerunner 745 included, have truly impressive battery life (up to one week in smartwatch mode, six hours straight in GPS mode with music playing). As an owner of a Garmin smartwatch myself, I can vouch for this spec. The Apple Watch could never.

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Have you seen the most-viewed TikTok video of the year?

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We've watched a lot of TikTok this year. According to the screen time report on my phone, I've spent about 260 hours watching TikTok videos — that's nearly nine days straight of watching TikToks. And in all that time, one of the most-viewed videos on the app never crossed my page. 

According to TikTok's Year In TikTok 2023, the top TikTok video of the year was from makeup artist Nyadollie, who posted a video of her doing a simple makeup routine in a bright pink top on March 8. The video, set to Grover Washington Jr.'s "Just The Two Of Us," garnered 504.1 million views, 35.7 million likes, and 1.8 million saves.

"Year on TikTok 2023 is a way for us to honor some of the standout moments that have happened on TikTok throughout the year. It's a window into stories that have inspired, entertained and educated over 1 billion people around the world. Thank you for another year of bringing joy to our community and sharing your creativity with us," Adam Presser, the Head of Operations at TikTok said in a news post.

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Also on the list of the most-viewed videos this year was @justinflom's Iron Man DIY, @through.the.lleaves showing off her massive kitten, @selenagomez's pre-flight routine, @chrishoffish singing in a parking garage, @thezachchoi's food ASMR, @kaaaathhhhy's itty bitty frenchie with very big feelings, @kristy.sarah's onion cutting hack that looks ridiculous but tbh might work, @tubbynugget reminding us all that everything is going to be OK, and @bwpottery's tough and messy pottery slips.

Did any of these TikToks pop up on your FYP?

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Almost every Cyber Week Dyson deal is still live

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UPDATE: Dec. 6, 2023, 1:45 p.m. EST This post has been updated with the latest sale pricing on Dyson vacuums, air-purifying fans, and hair tools in the last weeks before the holidays.

Best Dyson deals this week: Best cordless Dyson vacuum deal Dyson V15 Detect Absolute $499.99 at Dyson (save $250) Get Deal Best Dyson fan deal Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP02 $379.99 at Dyson (save $250) Get Deal Best Dyson hair tool deal Dyson Supersonic $329 at Dyson (save $100) Get Deal

The automated convenience of a robot vacuum is undeniably sweet, but for some, a Roomba just can't compare to the rush or attention to detail of manual vacuuming. That's where the iconic cyclonic suction of a Dyson comes in — and you can bring it home on a budget with this week's deals on Dyson vacuums.

Looking for air care or hair care deals instead? We've got those, too.

Our top pick Opens in a new window Credit: Dyson Our pick: Dyson V15 Detect Absolute $499.99 at Dyson (save $250) Get Deal Why we like it

In most cases, we'd recommend the Mashable Choice winning V12 Detect Slim over the larger and more in charge-er V15 Detect because it offers the best features of the V15 Detect at a more accessible price point. But not during Cyber Week — a lingering $250 discount from Dyson puts the V15 at $499.99 — the same sale price as the less powerful V12 Detect Slim. The sub-$500 sale price looks like even more of a steal alongside the $949.99 price tag on Dyson's Sept. 2023 drop, the V15s Detect Submarine. The Submarine is Dyson's first all-in-one cordless vacuum and mop — though technically, it's simply the V15 Detect with wet roller head.

The V15 Detect comes with two cleaning heads, one being the game-changing laser head that highlights the microscopic dust the naked eye wouldn't catch. "Absolute" signifies the inclusion of the aforementioned HEPA filter and extra attachments such as a mattress tool and up-top brush to de-dust the top of those kitchen cabinets.

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The best gifts for men: 63 awesome options for every type of guy

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Remember: The best gifts for men should make the guy you're buying a gift for feel seen. They should make him feel like you truly get him.

No two guys are the same, and not every man spends their days dreaming of whiskey stones. (In fact, we'd guess that very few of them do.) Traditional male stereotypes are a thing of the past, y'all, and it's time we started embracing that fact when we're looking for gifts.

Before you click “buy” on something that will definitely require a gift receipt, let us take the wheel and show you some options that are sure to make an impression on whomever that lucky guy is. (Need more specific gift ideas? Check out this gift guide for the father figure in your life, or this one if you’re shopping for your boyfriend.)

Whether he’s into kitchen accessories, fashion-forward athleisure, self-care products, or something more eccentric, we’re confident that he'll love the picks on this list.

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The best dating sites for finding serious, long-term relationships

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Meeting people isn't easy, whether you're trying to build a platonic friendship or a romantic one. But if you're ready to embrace cuffing season with open arms, we do think there's a case to be made for checking out The Apps™. And fear not, the best dating apps for finding a serious relationship — one that's actually meant to last — are some that you've probably already heard of.

We know, we know, finding someone on a dating app who's genuinely interested in a meaningful, long-term relationship rather than a hookup or situationship can feel nearly impossible. But finding someone in real life can be just as hard and, in many cases, just as disheartening (and almost always more nerve-racking).

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Finding your person takes time, effort, and patience, no matter what method you end up choosing. But the good news is that finding a long-term partner online is easier than it's ever been before. A 2023 report from the Pew Research Center states that one in every 10 partnered adults found their partner through a dating site or app. And hey, that could be you.

Which dating app is best for serious relationships?

OkCupid, Bumble, and Hinge are each known for their unique features to steer singles toward their one and only. Their secret? Algorithm-driven matching systems that prioritize compatibility, taking into account your interests, values, and preferences through long-form questionnaires.

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Depending on what you're looking for, there are dating apps out there that offer advanced filters and search options to help you find people who are on the same page as you. Others offer multiple ways to showcase your personality through photos, bios, and prompts so you can express yourself in a more authentic way.

If you're ready for commitment and don't know where to find people looking for the same thing, or if you want to know what dating apps are best for different types of daters, know that you have more options than just eharmony and Match. Here are a few of our favorite dating sites for serious relationships:

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Best mattress deals this week: Holiday savings are going strong

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 18:47

UPDATE: Dec. 6, 2023, 1:35 p.m. EST This list has been updated to reflect the best mattress deals of the week.

Featured picks: Best budget mattress deal Nectar memory foam mattress $659 at Nectar (save $400) Get Deal Best organic mattress deal Avocado Green mattress $1,439.20 at Avocado with code HOLIDAY (save $359.80) Get Deal

Splurging while online shopping isn't always advisable — unless you're shopping for a mattress. In that case, we recommend worrying less about the price tag and more about the quality of what you're buying. That doesn't mean you should scoff at a solid discount, though, and that's exactly why we're bringing you the best deals on mattresses. Every week, we'll be rounding up all the best mattress sales from across the web. Time for some sweet deals and sweet dreams. (Note: All prices are for queen-sized mattresses.)

SEE ALSO: I tried Casper's Wave Hybrid mattress and I'm officially obsessed Best budget mattress deal Opens in a new window Credit: Nectar Our pick: Nectar memory foam mattress $659 at Nectar (save $440) Get Deal Why we like it

Paying $659 for the Nectar memory foam mattress is an absolute steal. The five-layer design features a cooling cover, gel-infused memory foam, a dynamic response layer for support in whichever position you sleep, a base layer for stability, and a slip-resistant lower cover. Save $440 during Nectar's still-live Cyber Week sale.

Best organic mattress deal Opens in a new window Credit: Avocado Our pick: Avocado Green mattress $1,439.20 at Avocado (save $359.80) with code HOLIDAY Get Deal Why we like it

Avocado's fully organic mattress is comfortable yet super supportive thanks to its muti-zone coils. Its heavy-duty construction will also increase the longevity of your mattress, which is a necessity when you're paying a premium like this. Right now, you can save almost $400 on a queen mattress with the code HOLIDAY.

More mattress deals by brand
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  • Layla Sleep — Winter Holiday Savings: Save up to $200 on mattresses + get two free pillows

  • Leesa — Extended Cyber Monday Sale: Save up to $400 on mattresses

  • Molecule — Fall Sale: Save up to 30% sitewide with code FALL2023

  • Saatva — Holiday Sale: Save 15% off purchases over $1,000

  • Tuft & NeedleHoliday Sale: Save up to $800 on mattresses and bedding bundles

  • Zoma — Cyber Monday Sale: Save $150 on all mattresses

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NYT's The Mini crossword answers for December 6

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 18:27

The Mini is a bite-sized version of The New York Times' revered daily crossword. While the crossword is a lengthier experience that requires both knowledge and patience to complete, The Mini is an entirely different vibe.

With only a handful of clues to answer, the daily puzzle doubles as a speed-running test for many who play it.

So, when a tricky clue disrupts a player's flow, it can be frustrating! If you find yourself stumped playing The Mini — much like with Wordle and Connections — we have you covered.

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Here are the clues and answers to NYT's The Mini for Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023:

AcrossFun fact: Starfish see out of their ___
  • The answer is arms.

You might get lost in one at night
  • The answer is book.

Board game where players accumulate wood, brick, sheep, wheat and ore
  • The answer is Catan.

Juan ___, three-time baseball All-Star from 2021-23
  • The answer is Soto.

Very, in French
  • The answer is tres.

DownFirst 3 of 26

The answer is ABC.

Mercilessly make fun of
  • The answer is roast.

Attachment to the back of a boat
  • The answer is motor.

Move around an ice rink
  • The answer is skate.

  • The answer is nos.

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The best dating sites for introverts, wallflowers, and anyone hesitant to try online dating

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 18:24

Even though we're living in a world where just about anything goes, online dating is still considered a desperate or last-resort option for many, but for introverts, it's like the best thing since sliced bread. Especially for those of us who'd rather die than approach a stranger at a bar, force small talk, or enter a social situation of literally any kind.

Thanks to online dating, even introverts can find love and companionship without leaving the comfort of their couch. (Eventually, you'll need to get up and go on a date, but can we take a moment to revel in the fact that we can now find potential partners while binge-watching Netflix?)

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Dating apps offer a super convenient way for introverts, wallflowers, and anyone hesitant to try online dating to meet new people and start meaningful conversations without the pressure of face-to-face interactions.

Do dating sites for introverts even exist?

If making small talk or spending time in crowded social settings is your idea of hell, there are dating sites out there designed to help you find a potential partner sans the overwhelming social anxiety.

That said, not all dating apps are equally introvert-friendly. Tinder, for example, is a go-to for casual hookups and one-night stands, which probably isn't the best option for someone with shy tendencies and a preference for deeper connections. If dating apps were places, Tinder would be the crowded bar full of bros.

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The good news is that Tinder isn't the be-all and end-all when it comes to online dating. Other dating platforms, like eharmony, Match, and Hinge put an emphasis on compatibility and meaningful connections, so you can meet fellow introverts who are looking for something more substantial.

What are the best dating sites for introverts?

To help you find your person (the one who will understand and appreciate you for who you truly are), we've rounded up 13 of the best dating sites for introverts just like you. There are a few picks in here for hooking up, too, because why not? Just because you're introverted doesn't mean you can't have a little fun.

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Groove your way through the holidays with up to 50% off on Beats headphones and earbuds

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 18:21

Holiday travel chaos is about to take center stage. Are you equipped with the audio needed to block out airport announcements or the unrelenting holiday jingles on the car ride to the family gathering? If you're not feeling prepared, Amazon dropped the price on some of the best Beats headphones and earbuds. Listen up if you're shopping for a new pair this holiday season.

Best Beats deals at Amazon Best Beats headphones deal Our pick: Beats Solo3 $99 at Amazon (save $100.95) Get Deal Best Beats earbuds deal Our pick: Beats Studio Buds + $129.99 at Amazon (save $39.96) Get Deal Best Beats deal under $50 Our pick: Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds $49 at Amazon (save $20.95) Get Deal Best Beats headphones deal Opens in a new window Credit: Beats Beats Solo3 $99 at Amazon (save $100.95) Get Deal Why we like it

If you've been down about missing epic deals on Black Friday, this one's for you. Back down to the lowest price we've ever seen, the Beats Solo3 wireless on-ear headphones are just $99 at Amazon as of Dec. 6. That's a 50% discount from the normal price of $199.95, and ever so slightly cheaper than the Prime Day sale price.

With up to 40 hours of listening time, the Beats Solo3 use cushioned ear cups for better all-day comfort while the design allows them to neatly fold up for easier storage in your bag. The Beats Solo3 also come equipped with an Apple W1 chip. If you have an iPhone, just power on the Beats, hold them near your phone and they'll automatically connect.

The $99 sale price extends to the black, rose gold, and silver colorways. If you prefer red, you're paying just a dollar more, at $99.99.

Best Beats earbuds deal Opens in a new window Credit: Beats Beats Studio Buds + $129.99 at Amazon (save $39.96) Get Deal Why we like it

If you've never experienced the peaceful magic of noise-canceling earbuds, it's time you treated yourself. The Beats Studio Buds + are just $129.99 at Amazon, down from the normal price of $169.95. Grab the cosmic silver colorway to get this sale price that's a 24% discount off the MSRP.

Boasting up to 36 hours of listening time, the Beats Studio Buds + focus on providing excellent sound with a perfect fit thanks to four ear tip options ranging in size from XS to L. Active noise canceling allows you to tune out noise you'd rather not hear, which could be perfect for holiday travels.

Best Beats deal under $50 Opens in a new window Credit: Beats Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds $49 at Amazon (save $20.95) Get Deal Why we like it

If you've ever experienced the heart-sinking feel that comes with loosing one earbud, the Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds could be perfect. The earbuds don't need to plug into your phone, but they do have a convenient cord attaching the two earbuds together. When you're not listening, the magnetic earbuds can attach around your neck, meaning you'll never misplace just one in your bag again.

The Flex Wireless Earbuds also come with Beats Audio Sharing feature which allows you to share audio with another another pair of nearby Beats headphones, so you and a friend can enjoy the same tunes wirelessly.

The yuzu yellow colorway of the Beats Flex is just $49 at Amazon, marked down from the normal price of $69.99 which is a 30% discount.

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This week's best robot vacuum deals include multiple Roborock models still at Black Friday pricing

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 18:16

UPDATE: Dec. 6, 2023, 12:15 p.m. EST This story has been updated to include the best deals on robot vacuums from iRobot, Roborock, Shark, and more live in the last weeks before the holiday.

Best robot vacuum deals this week: Best budget deal Shark Matrix RV2300 $199 at Walmart (save $100.99) Get Deal Best self-emptying deal Shark AI Ultra AV2501S $279.99 at Amazon (save $270) Get Deal Best vacuum-mop combo deal iRobot Roomba Combo j5+ $498.99 at Amazon (save $301) Get Deal

Only three things are certain in life: Death, taxes, and a few days each month when you need to vacuum but just don't have time. Whether you detest the chore or hope to make your home upkeep a bit breezier, a robot vacuum is a lifesaver.

SEE ALSO: 5 new Roombas came out, and one has iRobot's best suction and mopping yet Robot vacuums under $200 Opens in a new window Credit: Shark Our pick: Shark Matrix $199 at Walmart (save $100.99) Get Deal Why we like it

For a solid cheap Shark option, skip the outdated $129 Shark ION and opt for the Matrix instead. For less than $200, you're securing LiDAR-powered smart home mapping and virtual boundaries, plus Matrix technology, which attacks debris from multiple angles in a crosshatch pattern to grab anything that was missed on the original pass.

On top of the thorough cleaning pattern, Shark itself claims that the Matrix dishes out 50% more sheer suction power than the Roomba i3 — and when the Roomba i3 is still more expensive even when it's discounted as well, we'd understand if that's an experiment you're willing to test.

  • Spot cleans in a thorough grid pattern

  • 120-minute battery life

  • Schedule cleanings in the app

More robot vacuums on sale for under $200Robot vacuums under $500 Opens in a new window Credit: Shark Our pick: Shark AI Ultra AV2501S $279.99 at Amazon (save $270) Get Deal Why we like it

Shark released several iterations of its flagship robot vacuum in 2023. This matte black model is on sale at Amazon for less than $280 — a 49% price cut that makes it the cheapest self-emptying Shark with Matrix cleaning that we've seen this holiday season (compared to the $299.99 sale price on a similar model during Cyber Week.)

Home mapping and virtual boundaries guided by 360-degree LiDAR are present here, plus Shark's newest claim to fame that we just mentioned: its Matrix cleaning technique that vacuums in a crosshatch pattern to grab any debris missed from the first angle.

  • HEPA filter

  • 120-minute battery life

  • XL self-emptying dock holds at least 30 days' worth of debris

More robot vacuums on sale for under $500 Robot vacuums under $800 Opens in a new window Credit: iRobot Our pick: iRobot Roomba j9+ $699 at Amazon (save $200) Get Deal Why we like it

One of five new Roombas just launched in September, the j9+ is literally just the Roomba Combo j9+ without mopping capabilities. That means that it still cleans with iRobot's most powerful suction yet, beating out the previous winner in that category, the s9+, which is on sale for the same exact price. The j9+ is also just one of a handful of Roombas with the ability to detect and avoid small problem-causing obstacles like phone chargers and other cords, pet waste, socks, and more.

  • Maps your home seven times faster than iRobot's previous mapping technology

  • 120-minute battery life

  • Self-emptying dock holds at least two months' worth of debris

Robot vacuum and mop hybrids Opens in a new window Credit: iRobot Our pick: iRobot Roomba Combo j5+ $498.99 at Amazon (save $301) Get Deal Why we like it

You can bring home the triple threat that is automatic emptying, mopping, and small obstacle avoidance for less than $500 with this deal that's still around from the first day of Amazon's official Black Friday sale.

Compared to the Roomba j7+, the j5+'s obstacle detection cameras aren't quite as precise, and still may require you to pick up things like towels or socks, or put a virtual barrier around pet bowls. But to be able to skip skimming the floor for rogue cords and enjoy automatic emptying for less than $400, you can probably deal with ensuring laundry gets into the basket. As for the mopping, this is one of iRobot's new Swap and Mop models, which does require you to be home to physically click on the water tank when you want to mop.

  • No-go and no-mop zones can be designated in the app

  • 110-minute battery life

  • Self-emptying dock holds at least seven weeks' worth of debris

More hybrids and robot mops on sale
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Embark on Mario's biggest journey yet with $20 off Super Mario Odyssey

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 18:14

SAVE $20: As of Dec. 6, get Super Mario Odyssey for $39.99. That's a 37% discount and $20 down from its usual price of $59.99.

Opens in a new window Credit: Best Buy Super Mario Odyssey $39.99 at Best Buy (save $20) Get Deal

Planning on gifting a Nintendo Switch this holiday season? Or maybe you're looking for the perfect gift for yourself while all the sales and discounts are live. You can't go wrong with a Mario game, especially when it's one of the best of its kind. Head on over to Best Buy right now for a great deal on a stocking stuffer or a show-stopping Switch gift.

As of Dec. 6, Super Mario Odyssey is on sale for $39.99 at Best Buy. That's $20 off its usual price of $59.99, and a savings of 37%. While it's $39.99 at Amazon as well, it's unavailable for purchase either via physical or digital copy at the moment. This is your best bet to snag the game for this price at the moment as part of your last-minute holiday shopping.

Super Mario Odyssey finds Mario traveling beyond the Mushroom Kingdom to the expansive Cap Kingdom after Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach (again). Only this time, Bowser's serious, and he plans on making Peach his bride. After stomping on Mario's hat and ruining it, Bowser takes off, leaving Mario downtrodden and unsure where to go next. He's soon befriended by Cappy, a member of the Cap Kingdom's Bonneters, who becomes part of his new hat. Cappy imbues Mario with the ability to transform into just about anything with a simple throw. Together, they set off on a journey to rescue Peach and Cappy's sister Tiara.

This is one of the most whimsical, expansive Mario games by far, as it grants you a large open world to traverse and tons of challenges to complete while doing so. It's perfect for fans new and old, and it's a great entry point into the series. But given that Mario games don't last long when discounted, you're going to want to pick this one up quickly.

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iOS 17.2 has 2 unexpected new features: iPhone 15 Pro camera boost, Qi2 charging for older devices

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 18:07

A new version of iOS 17 is coming soon and iPhone 15 Pro users are getting a nice bonus for their cameras.

Specifically, iOS 17.2 is delivering a boost to the Pro models' telephoto camera. Expect increased speed while using the lens to capture small, distant objects, according to 9to5Mac.

While our review didn't single out slow focus speeds as a problem for the iPhone 15 Pro models, we'll never complain about Apple making something slightly better. It's still probably not as good as the zoom lens on Pixel 8 Pro, but hey, maybe next year.

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Beyond that, however, the litany of changes in iOS 17.2 (which will launch sometime in December) also includes a nice little nugget for iPhone 13 and 14 owners: Qi2 charging. If you aren't aware, Qi2 is the newest and fastest wireless charging standard available for iPhones, allowing you to use chargers of up to 15W in power, double the previous 7.5W limit.

As TechRadar noted, this has already been available on iPhone 15, while iPhones 13 and 14 could previously only go up to 15W using a MagSafe charger. Now, you can do so with a (likely cheaper) third-party charger, breaking free of the dreaded Apple Tax.

What a nice little holiday surprise from Apple.

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Get up to 50% off Logitech G gaming mice and headsets at Amazon

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 18:04

UP TO 50% OFF: As of Dec. 6, you can save up to 50% on a wide selection of Logitech G gaming mice and headsets at Amazon.

Our top picks: Best Logitech G mouse deal Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse $79.99 at Amazon (save $50) Get Deal Best Logitech G headset deal Logitech G733 wireless gaming headset $119.99 at Amazon (save $30) Get Deal

Ready to dominate the competition in Apex Legends? Crush your foes in Fortnite? Or maybe you're more of a Valorant master, racking up headshots with pinpoint accuracy? Whatever your game, having the right gear can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

SEE ALSO: Best Buy's 12 Days of Gaming event is here: Save $37 on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for Day 9

If you're looking to level up your gaming experience, Amazon is offering up to 50% off on Logitech G gaming mice and headsets. That's right, half-price on the equipment you need to become a legend.

So, whether you're rocking the old-school G305, the versatile G502 HERO, the cutting-edge PRO X SUPERLIGHT, or you just need a new headset to stay connected with your teammates, now's the time to whip out your wallet and save.

Here are our top picks:

Best Logitech G mouse deal Opens in a new window Credit: Logitech Our pick: Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse $79.99 at Amazon (save $50) Get Deal Why we like it

The Logitech G Pro is so lightweight (80 grams) it's basically an extension of your hand. It also features removable side buttons, so you can customize it to your play style.

Thanks to Logitech's Lightspeed wireless technology, this mouse offers a lightning-fast 1ms report rate that's indistinguishable from wired mice. And, with a 50 million click lifespan and a tournament-ready design, this mouse is ready to handle even the most intense gaming sessions.

Best Logitech G headset deal Opens in a new window Credit: Logitech Our pick: Logitech G733 wireless gaming headset $119.99 at Amazon (save $30) Get Deal Why we like it

The Logitech G733 headset offers the freedom of wireless gaming with up to 20 meters of range and lightning-fast Lightspeed audio transmission. Plus, with 29 hours of battery life, you won't have to worry about running out of power mid-game.

You can also say goodbye to sore ears and neck strain. The G733 features soft, dual-layer memory foam earpads and a reversible suspension headband that conforms to your head for lasting comfort, no matter how into the game you get.

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Our favorite Peloton alternative is down to a record-low $899

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 17:44

SAVE $1,100: As of Dec. 6, the Mashable-tested NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle, our top Peloton alternative, is down to just $899 at Amazon — that's 55% off its MSRP and matches its record-low pricing.

Opens in a new window Credit: NordicTrack NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle $899 at Amazon (save $1,100) Get Deal

Like many things that skyrocketed in popularity during the 2020 pandemic, Peloton fitness equipment no longer has its cult-like hold on society. For folks looking to build a home gym in 2023, there are plenty of alternative options out there. Our favorite? The NordicTrack S22i Commercial Studio Cycle.

The NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle is down to just $899 at Amazon as of Dec. 6 — that's an impressive 55% price drop from its usual $1,999 and matches its record-low price from Black Friday 2022. The bike is currently sitting at full price at NordicTrack's own website as well as Best Buy. (Note: Amazon's list price is incorrect.)

When Mashable fellow Stacia Datskovska tested out the NordicTrack S22i, she found that the bike looked impressive and offered a versatile experience. She particularly enjoyed the bike's class offerings, its unique Google Earth feature that allows users to ride routes anywhere in the world, the updated toe clip pedals, the screen's streaming abilities, and the 30-day trial of iFit. What she didn't appreciate was the astronomical $1,999 price tag. That's what makes this significant $1,100 price drop so impressive. The deal is currently only 1% claimed, so jump on it.

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Attention Amazon Prime members — cash in on a year of Grubhub+ for free

Mashable - Wed, 12/06/2023 - 17:19

SAVE $120: Amazon Prime members are eligible for a free year-long membership to Grubhub+ which usually costs $120 pear year. Sign up through Dec. 23 and use code DECEMBER30 to get 30% off three orders of $15 or more.

Opens in a new window Credit: Grubhub Grubhub+ yearly membership $0 for Amazon Prime members (save $120) Get Deal

An Amazon Prime membership comes with plenty of benefits like free two-day shipping, access to the Prime Video library, and exclusive deals during Prime Day sales. As if we needed another reason to sign up for Prime, Amazon is now offering a great perk on food delivery.

As of Dec. 6, Amazon Prime members can get a year-long membership to Grubhub+ for free, a service that typically costs $120 annually. And if you sign up now through Dec. 23, you'll get 30% off three orders of $15 or more with the code DECEMBER30.

If you're not already a member of Amazon Prime, you can sign up for $14.99 per month or $139 annually.

As a Grubhub+ members, you'll pay $0 in delivery fees and see lower service fees on some orders. If you opt for pickup at your favorite restaurant instead of delivery, you'll get 5% Grubhub+ credit back on eligible future pickup orders. You'll also get access to exclusive offers from Grubhub.

If you're already a Grubhub+ member, have no fear — you can still benefit from the Prime deal. Once signed into your Amazon Prime account, you can activate the Grubhub+ offer and your free membership will start at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

The deal is a win-win for existing Amazon Prime members, and if you're not a member but have been considering signing up, here's one more benefit.

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