Research Focus: Week of June 5, 2023

Microsoft Research - 3 hours 11 min ago

Welcome to Research Focus, a series of blog posts that highlights notable publications, events, code/datasets, new hires and other milestones from across the research community at Microsoft.

In this article
  1. The GPT-x Revolution in Medicine, with Peter Lee 
  2. SoK: Let the Privacy Games Begin! A Unified Treatment of Data Inference Privacy in Machine Learning 
  3. Analyzing Leakage of Personally Identifiable Information in Language Models
  4. Automatic Prompt Optimization with "Gradient Descent" and Beam Search
  5. PODCAST  The GPT-x Revolution in Medicine, with Peter Lee 

    Microsoft Research’s Peter Lee recently sat down to discuss the impact of GPT-4 and large language models in medicine on physician-scientist Eric Topol’s Ground Truths podcast. Drawing from Lee’s recent book, The AI Revolution in Medicine, the conversation includes his early experimentation with GPT-4 and his views of its potential as well as its weaknesses. 

    For example: 

    • GPT-4 excels at evaluating and reviewing content, insightfully spotting inconsistencies and missing citations, and perceiving a lack of inclusivity and diversity in terminology 
    • GPT-4 can help reduce medical errors and coach physicians to consider different diagnoses and show greater empathy to patients 
    • GPT-4 has the potential to empower patients with new tools and to democratize access to expert medical information 
    • AI needs appropriate regulation, particularly in the field of medicine 
    Explore the podcast

    Spotlight: On-Demand EVENT

    Microsoft Research Summit 2022

    Watch now to learn about some of the most pressing questions facing our research community and listen in on conversations with 120+ researchers around how to ensure new technologies have the broadest possible benefit for humanity.

    Explore sessions NEW RESEARCH  SoK: Let the Privacy Games Begin! A Unified Treatment of Data Inference Privacy in Machine Learning 

    Deploying machine learning models in production may allow adversaries to infer sensitive information about training data. Inference risks range from membership inference to data reconstruction attacks. Inspired by the success of games in cryptography to study security properties, some authors describe privacy inference risks in machine learning using a similar game-based formalism. However, adversary capabilities and goals are often stated in subtly different ways from one presentation to the next, which makes it hard to relate and compose results. 

    In a new research paper, SoK: Let the Privacy Games Begin! A Unified Treatment of Data Inference Privacy in Machine Learning, researchers from Microsoft present a game-based framework to systematize the body of knowledge on privacy inference risks in machine learning. In the paper, which was presented at the 2023 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, the authors use this framework to (1) provide a unifying structure for definitions of inference risks, (2) formally establish known relations among definitions, and (3) uncover hitherto unknown relations that would have been difficult to spot otherwise. 

    Read the paper NEW RESEARCH  Analyzing Leakage of Personally Identifiable Information in Language Models

    Language models (LMs) are widely deployed for performing several different downstream tasks. However, they have been shown to leak information about training data through sentence-level membership inference and reconstruction attacks. Understanding the risk of LMs leaking personally identifiable information (PII) has received less attention. Dataset curation techniques such as scrubbing reduce, but do not prevent, the risk of PII leakage—in practice, scrubbing is imperfect and must balance the trade-off between minimizing disclosure and preserving the utility of the dataset. On the other hand, it is unclear to what extent algorithmic defenses such as differential privacy, designed to guarantee sentence- or user-level privacy, prevent PII disclosure.  

    In a new research paper, Analyzing Leakage of Personally Identifiable Information in Language Models, researchers from Microsoft introduce rigorous game-based definitions for three types of PII leakage via black-box extraction, inference, and reconstruction attacks with only API access to an LM. In the paper, which was presented at the 2023 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, they empirically evaluate the attacks against GPT-2 models fine-tuned with and without defenses in three domains: case law, health care, and e-mail.  

    Their findings show that differential privacy can largely, but not completely, mitigate PII leakage. Traditional data curation approaches such as PII scrubbing are still necessary to achieve sufficient protection. The authors advocate for the design of less aggressive PII scrubbing techniques that account for the protection afforded by DP and achieve a better privacy/utility trade-off. 

    Read the paper Download the code NEW RESEARCH  Automatic Prompt Optimization with “Gradient Descent” and Beam Search

    Large Language Models (LLMs) have shown impressive performance as general-purpose agents, but their abilities remain highly dependent on hand-written prompts, which require onerous trial-and-error work. Automatic or semiautomatic procedures would help people write the best prompts while reducing manual effort. In a recent research paper, Automatic Prompt Optimization with “Gradient Descent” and Beam Search, researchers from Microsoft propose a simple and nonparametric solution to this problem. Automatic Prompt Optimization (APO) is inspired by numerical gradient descent to automatically improve prompts, assuming access to training data and an LLM API. The algorithm uses minibatches of data to form natural language “gradients” that criticize the current prompt. The gradients are then “propagated” into the prompt by editing it in the opposite semantic direction of the gradient. These gradient descent steps are guided by a beam search and bandit selection procedure which significantly improves algorithmic efficiency. Preliminary results across three benchmark NLP tasks and the novel problem of LLM jailbreak detection suggest that APO can outperform prior prompt editing techniques and improve an initial prompt’s performance by up to 31%, by using data to rewrite vague task descriptions into more precise annotation instructions. 

    Read the paper

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Nintendo's new pastel Joy-Con are up for preorder — and they've already sold out once

Mashable - 3 hours 50 min ago

TL;DR: Nintendo's new pastel Joy-Con ($79.99 each) are available for preorder at Best Buy and GameStop ahead of their official release on Friday, June 30. They're currently sold out in the My Nintendo Store.

Quick links: Pastel Purple/Pastel Green Nintendo Joy-Con (opens in a new tab) $79.99 at Best Buy Pre-order Now (opens in a new tab) Pastel Pink/Pastel Yellow Nintendo Joy-Con (opens in a new tab) $79.99 at Best Buy Pre-order Now (opens in a new tab) Pastel Purple/Pastel Green Nintendo Joy-Con (opens in a new tab) $79.99 at GameStop Pre-order Now (opens in a new tab) Pastel Pink/Pastel Yellow Nintendo Joy-Con (opens in a new tab) $79.99 at GameStop Pre-order Now (opens in a new tab)

Good news for anyone who's busted their Switch's controllers playing Tears of the Kingdom: Nintendo is releasing two brand-new pairs of Joy-Con in pretty, summery pastel hues later this month.

Priced at $79.99 just like their standard Neon Red/Neon Blue counterparts, the new colorways include sherbert-y Pastel Purple/Pastel Green and Pastel Pink/Pastel Yellow. (They kind of look like the Joy-Con that came with Nintendo's special-edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch from 2020, only with black straps.) You can't mix and match unless you buy both pairs, unfortunately.

Both pairs of pastel Joy-Con have already sold out in the My Nintendo Store, Nintendo's online shop, but you can still pre-order them through Best Buy or GameStop before their June 30 launch.

SEE ALSO: The best handheld gaming consoles of 2023

The pastel Joy-Con are compatible with the regular Switch as well as the newer OLED model, and functionally identical to all of the Joy-Con that have come before them: You get motion controls, HD rumble, and a battery life of about 20 hours per charge. This means their analog sticks will also probably drift eventually, but hey — at least they're cute. (Keep in mind that Nintendo has a free repair program for if/when that happens.)

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'The Afterparty's Season 2 promises a Wes Anderson parody plus even more mystery

Mashable - 4 hours 8 min ago

The Afterparty is back with another thrilling (plus hilarious) murder mystery. And this time, things get twee.

Created by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, The Afterparty is a comedy series that follows a homicide investigation, where every witness is a suspect.

Rather than leaning into whodunnit's more prevalent doom and gloom (à la Hercule Poirot), each episode of The Afterparty pays tribute to a different film genre to match each suspect's retelling of the murder. Some might imagine themselves in a film-noir, and others might see themselves in an episode of Bridgerton. Still, another might envision themselves as the star of a Wes Anderson romp. (A common fantasy!) The common thread? The killer is hiding amongst them. 

SEE ALSO: 'The Afterparty' cinematography is a love letter to movies

While Season 1 of The Afterparty saw a high school reunion gone wrong, Season 2 sees a wedding gone deadly with the groom being murdered and all eyes pointing to the bride, her ex-lover, and more wacky guests. 

Tiffany Haddish returns as Detective Danner along with Sam Richardson and Zoë Chao from Season 1. The new cast members includes John Cho, Paul Walter Hauser, Ken Jeong, Anna Konkle, Poppy Liu, Elizabeth Perkins, Jack Whitehall, Zach Woods, and Vivian Wu. 

Season 2 of The Afterparty premieres July 12 on Apple TV+. 

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Spotify Rainbow Collage Generator turns your top songs and artists into shareable art

Mashable - 4 hours 11 min ago

There's a new trendy way to analyze your Spotify data and this time it's not a pie or an iceberg, but an old school collage.

Spotify Rainbow Collage either displays the album covers of your top songs or the artist photos of your top artists depending on how you tailor it. In short, it's a way for social media fanatics to share a snapshot of their music taste.

SEE ALSO: How to stop Spotify from sharing your data, and why you should What is Spotify Rainbow Collage?

Spotify Rainbow Collage analyzes your Spotify listening and allows you to customize a collage of your top songs or artists. You can choose the timespan you want the collage to represent and how many album covers to show on each axis — the largest collage option is nine by nine. It also allows you to pick how you want your top songs or artists organized. For those concerned with raw numbers you can sort it by play count, but the aesthetically moved can sort it by color or brightness.

These collages are the latest way to show off your music taste on social media with users flocking to Twitter to share their collages ... and judge other people's.

How to make a Spotify Rainbow Collage

To use Spotify Rainbow Collage you have to share your Spotify data with the site, if that's not something you're comfortable with sit this one out.

If you're comfortable sharing your data, here's how to make a Spotify Rainbow Collage:

Total Time
  • 3 minutes
What You Need
  • Spotify account

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Login with your Spotify account

Step 3: Grant the site permission to access your Spotify data

Step 4: Customize the dimensions and organization of your collage

Step 5: Hit the "Generate" button

It might take a couple of tries to access the website, but if you keep refreshing you'll get in eventually.

Who created Spotify Rainbow Collage?

According to the site, Spotify Rainbow Collage was created by a 20-year-old computer science student at the University of Leuven in Belgium.

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Get a PlayStation 5 bundle for a record-low price

Mashable - 4 hours 31 min ago

SAVE $60: As of June 7, the PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarok bundle is on sale at PlayStation for $499.99, down from its original price of $559.99. That's a discount of 10%, and its lowest price yet.

Opens in a new tab Credit: Sony 'God of War Ragnarok' PlayStation 5 bundle (opens in a new tab) $499.99 at PlayStation (save $60) Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

There are still five days left of PlayStation's famed Days of Play sale, which is currently blessing gaming fans with tons of discounts on hardware, games, and PS Plus memberships. As if that's not exciting enough, PlayStation released deals with all-time-low prices for some of its most beloved products, including one we know people looking to upgrade to PlayStation 5 will be particularly psyched about.

The PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarok bundle is on sale for $499.99. That's $60 off the original price of $559.99 and this bundle's lowest price yet. Since the God of War Ragnarok game for PS5 alone sells for $49.99 (as part of the Days of Play sale), it's like you're getting it for free when you take advantage of PlayStation's discount on the bundle.

SEE ALSO: PlayStation's Days of Play is still underway, plus more great gaming deals this week

In God of War Ragnarok, a sequel to 2018's God of War, prepare to join the irreplaceable father and son duo as they journey to the Nine Realms and face challenges of all kinds, hungry to change the outcome of the Ragnarok prophecy. Already gripping the edges of your gaming chair in suspense? Waste no time acquiring this bundle for $60 off at PlayStation or any of the retailers below.

Other retailer options:
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How to keep your home organized and your kids on track this summer

Mashable - 5 hours 8 min ago

For most kids, summer break is all about backyard sleepovers and splashing in the kiddie pool. For parents, however, summer can be a totally different story. Having your crew at home full-time can be hectic — especially if you work remotely and need your days to have structure.

This is where a supercharged and versatile printer like the Epson EcoTank ET-4850 can tackle not only your WFH needs but also help keep your entire family organized this summer. From creating activity charts to printing out a family chore list that’s actually fun, the wireless EcoTank ET-4850 is refreshingly cartridge-free and comes with a ridiculous amount of ink so you can print colorful, graphic-heavy projects to your heart’s desire. Check out these easy printable ideas and kick off your summer with your kids busied and (mostly) out of your hair.

Put your kids to task with a cool chore chart

Summer chores have to be done — but they don’t have to be boring. Creating a daily chore list with rocket and dinosaur graphics will make their house duties seem more like a game, and you can reward kids by putting sparkly stickers on their chores once completed. Make your own chart or download some free ones here. Just be sure to print it out with a high-performance printer like the Epson EcoTank ET-4850. After all, you want your text and lines to be as clean as your home will soon be.

Stay on-schedule with a family organizer

Summer break is a whirlwind of play dates and birthday parties — and a simple yet very handy family organizer can help keep everyone on track. You can download some cute printable organizers here. Look for one that includes birthdays and family trips, and bonus points for things like daily meal planners and budget goals. Speaking of bonus points, by using a cartridge-free EcoTank printer, you can help reduce the amount of cartridge waste ending up in landfills, which is a nice perk.

Help them crush their summer-school homework 

If you have a hard time getting your kids to do summer homework — and who doesn’t — why not make it fun? Just find some free downloadable clip art, digitally arrange the graphics on a page in a cool way, and then print it out to make artsy pages for your kids to do their written homework on. Just be sure to use a printer that has a killer ink capacity. The last thing you want is to run out of ink and give your kids an excuse to go back outside and play.

Build an activity wheel that’s the boss of your kids

A spinning activity wheel is a brilliant way to gamify your family’s to-do list. Check out some of the downloadable activity wheels available and then print your pick using a printer that can handle bold colors and cardstock, like the Epson EcoTank ET-4850. Next, choose activities to write in each section, like ‘water the garden’ or ‘draw a picture of your dog’, cut out the wheel, make a small hole in the center, and put a brad (a metal fastener with two split ends) through the hole, folding both ends back. Turn the wheel over to the color side and pull the brad up about half an inch so there’s enough metal to loop a paperclip through, tape a paper arrow to the paperclip, and spin away.

Create origami projects whenever you need quiet

Hanging out with your kids over summer break is awesome, no doubt — but the time will come when you need quiet, especially if you’re working remotely. When this need arises, origami can calm even the unruliest crew and you don’t have to buy a thing. As long as you have a high-performance printer with lots of ink that can print on two sides and nail the detailed colors and lines, you can print a plethora of origami patterns and challenge your kids to fold them into all kinds of shapes. You might need to show them the folding basics at first, but once they get it, you’ll be able to hear the filter in your fish tank gurgling again.

Summer is an opportunity to spend more time with the fam, but keeping them organized and active for the three-month stretch is key. The trick is to both plan and play together as a family. This way, everybody can get done what needs to be done and still have loads of fun.

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'Good Omens' Season 2 trailer teases even more heavenly chaos

Mashable - 5 hours 11 min ago

We haven't seen the last of our favourite demon/angel duo just yet.

On Wednesday Prime Video released the trailer for Good Omens Season 2, Neil Gaiman's tale of two earth-dwelling higher beings, Crowley (David Tennant) and Aziraphale (Michael Sheen), and their tricky navigation of the politics between Earth, heaven and hell.

While Season One was based on Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's book of the same name, the second season will tell a new story in which the Angel Gabriel (Jon Hamm) randomly turns up at Aziraphale's bookshop on Earth, with no memory of how he got there.

Good Omens Season 2 is streaming on Prime Video from July 28.

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The Apple Watch SE is back down to its lowest price ever, plus more savings on Apple Watches this week

Mashable - 6 hours 49 min ago

UPDATE: Jun. 7, 2023, 8:15 a.m. EDT We've updated this post to reflect the most recent pricing and availability on Apple Watches.

Top Apple Watch deals this week: Our top pick Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, GPS) (opens in a new tab) $329 (Save $70) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Best Series 7 deal Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm, GPS + cellular) (opens in a new tab) $279 (Save $90) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Best budget pick Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS) (opens in a new tab) $239.99 (Save $9.01) Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

It's been over seven years since the first generation Apple Watch began to grace people's wrists. In that time, the Apple wearable has evolved in size, power, and — because it's Apple — price. If you're into the idea of having a fitness tracker, an extension of your phone, and all the world's conveniences (or, at least a few more than you're used to) wrapped around your wrist, but aren't into shelling out the max amount of cash, you've come to the right place. Every week, we'll keep a watch out (too much?) and update this post with the best Apple Watch deals from across the internet.

Apple Watch Series 8 deals Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Our pick: Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, GPS) (opens in a new tab) $329 at Amazon and Walmart (save $70) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like it

The Series 8 is still $70 off in most colorways. While it's not an essential upgrade, for those who like their health trackers up-to-date or are on the last legs of an older watch (or investing in one for the first time,) the Series 8 is a great pick.

More Apple Watch Series 8 dealsApple Watch Series 7 deals Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Our pick: Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm, GPS + cellular) (opens in a new tab) $279 at Walmart (save $90) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like it

For a watch that closely resembles the Series 8, plus a 45mm watch face and cellular capabilities, under $300 is a pretty good deal. You'll get your pick of most colorways, the same 18 hours of battery life as the Series 8, and the same CPU (aka you won't notice a processing speed difference). The only reason we wouldn't jump on this deal is if you're not looking for a blood oxygen sensor or ECG monitoring, in which case you can get the experience you're looking for in the second-gen SE for about $60 less.

More Apple Watch Series 7 dealsApple Watch SE deals Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Our pick: Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS) (opens in a new tab) $219 at Amazon and Best Buy (save $30) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like it

Unless you're into the blood oxygen and ECG sensors, we're betting you won't really notice the difference between the second-gen SE and the Series 8. The watch comes equipped with the same S8 chip, the same 18-hour battery life, and the same basic tracking features. Grab it while its back down to its lowest price ever at Amazon and Best Buy.

More Apple Watch SE deals

Second generation

First generation

Apple Watch Ultra deals Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Apple Watch Ultra (49mm, GPS + cellular) (opens in a new tab) $779.99 at Amazon (save $19.01) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like it

We wouldn't recommend this watch for everyone, but if you're looking for a watch for the hardcore outdoor adventurer in your life, the Ultra is it. Its hefty price tag reflects an array of top-of-the-line features, including the largest watch face Apple's ever made, built-in cellular, 36 hours of battery life, a titanium case, 100m water resistance, and a host of advanced fitness metrics.

Even more Apple Watch deals
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The best Apple deals this week following WWDC

Mashable - 6 hours 58 min ago

UPDATE: Jun. 7, 2023, 8:00 a.m. EDT We've updated this post with the best deals from across the Apple universe. Here are our top picks:

Featured picks: Best Mac deal Mac mini (M2, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) (opens in a new tab) $499 (Save $100) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Best iPad deal 2021 iPad (WiFi, 64GB) (opens in a new tab) $269.99 (Save $59.01) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Best iPhone deal iPhone 13 Mini at Verizon (opens in a new tab) $0 on select 5G unlimited plans (Save up to $600) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Best Apple Watch deal Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, GPS) (opens in a new tab) $329 (Save $70) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Best AirPods deal AirPods Pro (opens in a new tab) $199.99 (Save $49.01) Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

Apple may have an iron grasp on the general population, but when it comes down to it, their products look good, work well, and stay cutting-edge — so of course, people love 'em. Whether you build your calendar around Apple events or you just want solid tech no matter the brand, Apple's got you covered. Sure, they're a little notorious for their high prices, but we've rounded up the best deals on iPads, AirPods, MacBooks, and more to help you save where you can. Check them out below.

Mac and MacBook deals Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Our pick: Mac mini (M2, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) (opens in a new tab) $499 at B&H (save $100) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like it

We know that Apple just announced a fancy new MacBook Air, but we've still got our eyes on this Mac mini deal. If you're working from home or looking for a portable desktop that doesn't take up space or break the bank, the M2 mini will more than get the job done. While we've seen this computer drop down to this price point a few times now, it usually doesn't stay for long, so you'll want to grab this deal while you can. And if you're looking for a bit more built-in storage, the 512GB mini is also at an all-time low price.

More Mac and MacBook deals

2022 MacBook Pro

2021 MacBook Pro

2020 MacBook Air

More Mac deals

iPad deals Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Our pick: 2021 iPad (WiFi, 64GB) (opens in a new tab) $269.99 at Amazon (save $59.01) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like it

The best iPad for most people is still the classic one, and at the time of writing, it's nearly $150 cheaper than its next-gen counterpart. We like the 9th generation because it doesn't come with the bumped-up price of last fall's 10th gen release, instead keeping things firmly in the entry-level tablet range. Despite not being the latest iteration, it still has up to 10 hours of battery life, a 10.2-inch Retina display, and more than enough processing power to get you through most standard tasks.

More iPad deals

iPad (9th gen)

iPad Air

iPad mini

SEE ALSO: Everything announced at WWDC that you can pre-order now iPhone deals Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Our pick: iPhone 13 Mini at Verizon (opens in a new tab) $0 on select 5G unlimited plans (save up to $600) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like it

Check out Mashable's official review of the iPhone 13 Mini.

The iPhone 14 may be the latest phone in Apple's lineup, but the iPhone 13 is by no means outdated. Unlike newer models, you won't need a trade-in to score some savings with this Verizon deal. It'll get you a free 13 mini if you open a new line at Verizon on an unlimited plan.

More iPhone dealsApple Watch deals Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Our pick: Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, GPS) (opens in a new tab) $329 at Walmart and Amazon (save $70) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like it

While it's not an essential upgrade, especially if you already have a Series 7 on your wrist, the latest gen does bring all the fitness features you've come to love, plus fertility tracking and crash detection. You'll want to grab it at this price while you can — between Walmart and Amazon, every basic colorway is on sale.

More Apple Watch deals

Series 8

Series 7

SE (Second gen)

SE (First gen)


More Apple Watch deals

Apple accessories deals Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Our pick: AirPods Pro (2nd gen) (opens in a new tab) $199.99 at Amazon and Best Buy (save $49.01) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like it

Read our full review of the second-gen AirPods Pro.

Nine times out of 10, we're going to choose the AirPods Pro as the best possible pair of AirPods you can buy. That's thanks to their excellent active noise cancellation (our favorite of any earbuds), easy multipoint pairing, and comfort. With six hours of battery life per charge and 30 hours overall with the case, you'll be able to take them on the go no problem.

More deals on Apple accessories
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Twitter Blue subscribers now have more time to edit tweets

Mashable - 8 hours 26 min ago

Editing your tweets, if you can do it at all, has become a bit less restrictive.

On Wednesday, Twitter's official Twitter Blue account said that Twitter Blue subscribers now have up to one hour to edit their tweets.

Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab)

Initially, users could only edit their tweets within 30 minutes of posting. Twitter's help document for Twitter Blue now also says that the feature now has a "1 hour window to make a limited number of changes to published tweets."

SEE ALSO: Twitter and Reddit's high-priced APIs are bad news for the internet's future

The ability to edit tweets was one of the most requested changes on Twitter for years, and while it finally launched in 2022, it's only available as a perk for people willing to pay the $7.99 Twitter Blue monthly subscription price. Other perks include the ability to post longer tweets, get prioritized ranking in conversations and search, and see fewer ads on the platform.

Featured Video For You Chloe Bailey on trolls with Twitter fingers: 'I can't look at it'

For all its controversy – mainly due to Twitter's decade-long insistence on not adding the feature – the ability to edit tweets doesn't appear to have caused many issues, which is probably why Twitter has now relaxed the rules around it a little.

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Netflix shares epic 'Rebel Moon' images from new Zack Snyder sci-fi

Mashable - 8 hours 30 min ago

Between Dune: Part Two and Zack Snyder's new movie Rebel Moon, 2023 is shaping up to be a big year for fans of epic sci-fi fantasy.

On Tuesday, Netflix released the first look images for Snyder's upcoming movie about a young woman who becomes the unlikely leader of a group of warriors, defending their galactic colony from an invading force.

SEE ALSO: 20 best sci-fi movies on Netflix to escape reality in 2023

Here's the movie's full synopsis:

When a peaceful colony on the edge of a galaxy finds itself threatened by the armies of a tyrannical ruling force, Kora (Sofia Boutella), a mysterious stranger living among the villagers, becomes their best hope for survival. Tasked with finding trained fighters who will unite with her in making an impossible stand against the Mother World, Kora assembles a small band of warriors — outsiders, insurgents, peasants and orphans of war from different worlds who share a common need for redemption and revenge. As the shadow of an entire Realm bears down on the unlikeliest of moons, a battle over the fate of a galaxy is waged, and in the process, a new army of heroes is formed.

Here are the pics:

Sofia Boutella as Kora and Djimon Hounsou as Titus. Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix E. Duffy as Milius and Staz Nair as Tarak. Credit: Netflix Staz Nair as Tarak. Credit: Chris Strother/Netflix Featured Video For You Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya on bringing a sci-fi epic back to the big screen Doona Bae as Nemesis. Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix Sofia Boutella as Kora and Michiel Huisman as Gunnar. Credit: Chris Strother/Netflix Ed Skrein as Atticus Noble. Credit: Justin Lubin/Netflix Charlie Hunnam as Kai. Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix Ray Fisher as Bloodaxe. Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix Kora has a whole world relying on her. Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix

The Rebel Moon cast includes Sofia Boutella, Djimon Hounsou, Ed Skrein, Michiel Huisman, Doona Bae, Ray Fisher, Charlie Hunnam and Anthony Hopkins (who voices the character "Jimmy").

Rebel Moon is streaming on Netflix from Dec. 22, 2023.

The best alternatives to Netflix Best for kids Disney+ (opens in a new tab) $7.99/month Get Deal (opens in a new tab) BEST FOR HIT SHOWS Max (opens in a new tab) $9.99/month Get Deal (opens in a new tab) BEST FOR LIVE TV Hulu (opens in a new tab) $7.99/month Get Deal (opens in a new tab)
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How to watch the Europa Conference League final online for free

Mashable - 9 hours 3 min ago

SAVE 49%: Livestream the Europa Conference League final for free with a streaming-friendly VPN. A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £83.32 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off for a limited time. This plan includes a money-back guarantee.

Opens in a new tab Credit: ExpressVPN ExpressVPN (1-Year Subscription + 3 Months Free) (opens in a new tab) £83.32 only at ExpressVPN (with money-back guarantee) Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

It's not the Champions League final, and it's not even the next best thing. But try telling the players and fans of Fiorentina and West Ham that the UEFA Europa Conference League final doesn't matter.

You'll quickly discover that this game is seriously important. Not only does winning guarantee a spot in the group stages of next year's UEFA Europa League, but it also represents a rare chance of collecting some silverware. It matters, OK?

If you're interested in watching the UEFA Europa Conference League final from anywhere in the world, we've got all the key information you need to stream.

When is the Europa Conference League final?

Fiorentina will take on West Ham in the UEFA Europa Conference League final at Prague's Eden Arena:

Fiorentina vs West Ham — 8:00 p.m. BST on June 7

Write that down, memorise it, and clear your schedule. Both sides will fancy their chances in Prague, and we can't wait for kick-off.

Where to watch the Europa Conference League final

The UEFA Europa Conference League final between Fiorentina and West Ham is available to watch around the world thanks to UEFA's official broadcast partners:

  • Albania — DigitAlb

  • Armenia — Vivaro

  • Australia — STAN

  • Austria — ServusTV (free and recommended), ORF, Sky Austria 

  • Azerbaijan — CBC Sport

  • Belgium — Telenet, SBS VRT, RTBF (free and recommended), beTV

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina — Arena Sport

  • Brazil — SBT, ESPN, TV Cultura

  • Bulgaria — A1, bTV

  • Canada — DAZN

  • Croatia — Arena Sport

  • Cyprus — CYTA

  • Czechia — Ceska Televize, Sport1

  • Denmark — TV2

  • Estonia — Viaplay Group

  • Finland — Viaplay Group

  • France — Canal+, M6, RMC Sport

  • Georgia — Setanta, Silknet

  • Germany — RTL

  • Gibraltar — Gibtelecom

  • Greece — COSMOTE TV

  • Hungary — MTVA, RTL

  • Iceland — Viaplay, Syn

  • India — Sony

  • Israel — Charlton

  • Italy — Sky Italia, DAZN, RAI

  • Kazakhstan — QazSport, Q Sport League

  • Kosovo — Arena Sport, Artmotion

  • Latvia — Viaplay Group

  • Liechtenstein — blue+, 3+, Sky Austria, RTL Germany

  • Lithuania — Viaplay Group

  • Luxembourg — RTL

  • Malta — PBS, Melita, GO

  • Mexico — ESPN, Fox Sports Mexico

  • Moldova — Setanta, Prime, Jurnal TV

  • Montenegro — Arena Sport

  • Netherlands — Talpa, ESPN

  • North Macedonia — Arena Sport

  • Norway — Viaplay Group

  • Poland — Viaplay, TVP

  • Portugal — SIC, Sport TV

  • Republic of Ireland — Virgin Media

  • Romania — Pro TV

  • Russia — Match TV 

  • Serbia — Arena Sport

  • Slovakia — RTVS, Sport1

  • Slovenia — Arena Sport, Sportklub, Pro Plus

  • South Africa — SuperSport

  • Spain — Telefonica, Mediaset

  • Sweden — Viaplay Group

  • Switzerland — blue+, 3+

  • Turkey — TV8, EXXEN

  • Ukraine — Megogo

  • United Kingdom — BT Sport / BT Sport YouTube (free and recommended)


That's a massive list of broadcasters, but a lot of those options are not free.

Fortunately, football fans can still livestream the UEFA Europa Conference League final without subscribing to a costly service. With the help of a VPN, you can easily connect to a free streaming service in another country. This process might sound complicated, but it's really not. Plus, you don't even need to pay anything if you make use of the money-back guarantees offered by the best VPNs.

How to watch the Europa Conference League final for free

The good news is that you can stream the UEFA Europa Conference League final for free with the help of a VPN, but you do need to follow a few extra steps to avoid paying anything.

Many countries are offering free streaming of the final, but you need to be connecting from those countries to watch. The only way to get around this issue is with a VPN. These cybersecurity services can hide your real IP address and connect you to a secure server in another country, meaning you can stream the final for free from anywhere in the world.

Belgium’s RTBF and Austria’s ServusTV are the best free streaming sites for the final. You can watch RTBF and ServusTV from outside Belgium and Austria with a VPN:

  1. Sign up for a streaming-friendly service like ExpressVPN

  2. Download the app to your device of choice (the best VPNs have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and more)

  3. Open up the app and connect to a server in Belgium or Austria

  4. Connect to RTBF or ServusTV

  5. Watch the UEFA Europa Conference League final from anywhere in the world

BT Sport will also stream the Europa Conference League final for free on their YouTube channel. This will only be available to viewers in the UK, so you'll need to follow a similar process to stream the final in this way from anywhere in the world:

  1. Sign up for a VPN

  2. Download the app to your device of choice (the best VPNs have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and more)

  3. Open up the app and connect to a server in the UK

  4. Visit BT Sport's YouTube channel

  5. Watch the UEFA Europa Conference League final from anywhere in the world

The best VPNs for streaming (like ExpressVPN) tend to offer pretty generous money-back guarantees. By using these guarantees, you can unblock YouTube, RTBF, or ServusTV without fully committing with your cash.

What is the best VPN for streaming sport?

ExpressVPN is the best service for unblocking streaming sites from around the world for a number of reasons:

  • Servers in 94 countries including the UK

  • Easy-to-use app available on all major devices including iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and more

  • Strict no-logging policy

  • Fast streaming speeds free from throttling

  • Up to five simultaneous connections

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £83.32 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off for a limited time. This plan also includes a year of free unlimited cloud backup and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can sign up to watch the UEFA Europa Conference League final and then recover your investment without hassle after the match.

Watch the UEFA Europa Conference League final for free with ExpressVPN.

Best alternatives to ExpressVPN Best for server network Private Internet Access (2 years + 3 months) (opens in a new tab) £43.94 (save 85%) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Best for app CyberGhost VPN (2 years + 3 months) (opens in a new tab) £49.92 (save 83%) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Best for security NordVPN (2 years + 3 months) (opens in a new tab) £91.53 (save 50%) Get Deal (opens in a new tab)
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The best mattresses in 2023

Mashable - 9 hours 29 min ago

This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for the UK audience.

It might seem excessive to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on a mattress. But look at it this way: We spend nearly a third of our lives asleep, and a good night's rest (or lack thereof) can make or break your day. If you wake up feeling energised and refreshed, concentrating and functioning will be a breeze. On the other hand, if you spend most of your nights tossing and turning, the whole day can feel like a challenge. You’ll be fatigued, irritable, and reaching for the nearest caffeine source.

According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, sleep deprivation might lead to chronic health problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and even depression. We're not messing around when it comes to rest, so if you need to improve your quality of sleep, it might be time for you to ditch your old, unsupportive mattress for a new one that's more in tune with your sleep needs.

Luckily, buying a mattress is now easier than ever, especially with so many online companies selling state-of-the-art mattresses and delivering them straight to your door. Some even come with all the bells and whistles, like memory foam, cooling layers, and anti-wicking fabric, that'll help you rest easy and keep sleepless nights at bay. No matter what mattress type you like, you can now find it online.

But you can’t just settle on any online mattress — it has to meet your specific needs and sleep style. Whether you need to decrease joint stiffness or stay sweat-free at night, there are different mattresses to mitigate each of these issues. The sheer amount of choices can be overwhelming, so if the thought of reading one more mattress review makes you want to chuck your phone against the wall, know this: That's what we're here for. We've read the reviews, compared the models, and have come up with a stellar list.

What size bed should you get?

Don’t play Goldilocks when you’re looking to buy a mattress. If you want to keep the same size bed, take measurements of your current mattress first so you’re prepared to compare models. If a mattress has equivalent dimensions, you’ll know it’s the right fit. If not, skip it and consider your other options. You don’t want to waste time returning or exchanging.

Consider how many people will be sleeping in the bed, too. If you share a bed with a partner or with pets, the bigger the better. With a smaller mattress, you might be woken up every time your significant other rolls over or gets up to use the bathroom. A bigger mattress will ensure you both have the room you need.

Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft mattress?

Do you sleep on your back, on your side, or on your stomach? Knowing your sleeping style is key to buying an online mattress. Some mattresses are extra firm and designed for spine support, while others are made with softer materials for enhanced comfort. Above all else, you want to be super cozy while you catch up on your sleep.

What should you consider when buying a mattress online?

Speak with your doctor first before choosing an online mattress if you're concerned about any existing health issues. If you’re prone to joint pain, you’ll want to opt for a mattress that offers good body support. For overheating issues, choose a mattress with cooling technology. Concerned about your environmental impact? There are even eco-friendly mattresses to minimise your carbon footprint.

Should you consider the warranty of a mattress?

Online mattresses don’t always come cheap, so you’ll want to consider a company’s warranty before making a commitment. Look for warranties that offer flexible coverage and support so you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg for repairs and replacements.

What is the best mattress?

Whether you're all about memory foam or temperature regulation, there are many different types of mattresses out there to meet your sleeping needs. A great night's sleep is not that far away.

These are the best mattresses you can buy online in 2023.

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Get a refurbished iPad Pro and bundle of accessories for just $270

Mashable - 10 hours 11 min ago

TL;DR: As of June 7, you can get a refurbished iPad Pro 9.7-inch (WiFi + Cellular, 256GB) for only $269.99 instead of $379 — that's 28% off.

iPads are useful, but grabbing one right off the shelf might be an expense your wallet isn't ready for. Plus, you might not even need the fanciest, most up-to-date version available. If you want a tablet to use for work, school, creative projects, or just to stream your favorite shows, this refurbished iPad Pro may be a more affordable match. Get the iPad Pro plus an accessory bundle, which includes a cover, stylus, charger, and pre-installed tempered glass screen protector, for just $269.99 (reg. $379). 

This tablet and accessory bundle could be a great match for students or professionals who need a full tech upgrade. The case helps keep your tablet safe in transport, whether it's between classes or during your commute. The stylus has a soft rounded tip so it may not be ideal for art, but it could be useful for playing games, taking notes, and much more.

This iPad Pro has a 10-hour battery life, as well as 256GB storage and 2GB RAM, which means enough performance power to multitask for hours. Hop on a Zoom call using the front-facing camera or snap photos with the 12MP rear-facing camera. You can even record videos in 4K.

For a limited time, get the refurbished iPad Pro with accessories on sale for $269.99 (reg. $379). 

Prices subject to change.

Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Refurbished iPad Pro (WiFi + Cellular, 256GB) (opens in a new tab) $269.99 at the Mashable Shop Get Deal (opens in a new tab)
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The easiest way to deep clean your home is now 25% off

Mashable - 10 hours 11 min ago

TL;DR: Get 25% off the Shark HydroVac Cordless Pro XL with the code MASHABLE25 now through June 30.

Cleaning the floors requires a lot of, well, cleaning. Not only do you have to vacuum and then mop, but you also have to empty the vacuum, clean the filters, and wash out the mop. It’s a multi-step nightmare that no parent (of people or pets) looks forward to. 

Necessity, in this case, is the mother of innovation. And the sheer need for a better solution inspired the clever folks at Shark to create the Shark HydroVac™ Cordless Pro XL

Here are three reasons this clever new tool will solve all your floor cleaning woes:

Vacuum and mop with the ultimate clean machine Credit: Shark

The Shark HydroVac Cordless Pro XL allows you to switch between vacuuming and mopping without switching tools. Before you cast any doubt, let us be the first to say — this is not a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ situation. 

The suction vacuum is powerful enough to suck up pet hair and debris that is barely visible to the eye, and the XL tank allows you to clean twice the floor area of leading competitors. 

Once you’re done vacuuming, the gentle-but-effective hydro mop will give hard floors, including hardwood, tile, marble and laminate, a deep clean without doing any damage. 

Continuous self-cleaning leaves floors sparkling

Say goodbye to tools that clean your cleaning tools. 

The Shark HydroVac has a continuous self-cleaning system and self-cleaning antimicrobial brushroll to help prevent dirt from going back on the floor. 

Plus, once you’re done, you can simply hang it back on its dock to switch on the self-clean mode. The brushroll, nozzle, and interior tubing will be taken care of, and all you have to do is pour out the dirty water and remove the debris.

Get a deeper clean with a lighter, easier-to-maneuver tool Credit: Shark

All this innovation is packed into a lightweight and easy-to-maneuver cordless tool, making a quick clean-up possible whenever your kids, pets, or friends make a mess. 

Now’s the time to grab your ultimate clean machine. SharkVac is offering Mashable readers a huge 25% off the new Shark HydroVac Cordless Pro XL until June 30. Use the code MASHABLE25 at checkout to claim your discount.

Opens in a new tab Credit: Shark Shark HydroVac Cordless Pro XL (opens in a new tab) $269.99 at Shark (save 25%) with code MASHABLE25 Get Deal (opens in a new tab)
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Create beautiful photos with AI photo editor Luminar Neo, now $120

Mashable - 10 hours 11 min ago

TL;DR: As of June 7, you can grab a lifetime license to Luminar Neo (as well as six add-ons) for only $119.99 (reg. $400) — that's a savings of 70%.

Do you love snapping photos of your friends and loved ones? Are you constantly styling your food for the 'gram or capturing concerts with your phone? You might want to edit your photos to bring out certain details or highlight vibrant colors, but learning Photoshop can take ages. Instead, you may want to check out Luminar Neo, a user-friendly photo editor that uses AI to help you create beautiful images. Grab a lifetime license for this software, as well as six add-ons, for just $119.99 (reg. $400).

Luminar Neo has won awards for making professional photo editing tools accessible to the average user. The software uses the power of AI to recognize elements of a photo so they can be edited in just a few clicks.

Airbrush skin, remove unwanted objects or dust spots, mask objects, or relight a scene easily. Or, choose from tons of preset filters to quickly enhance a photo or give it a new color scheme. Other software would require you to learn the manual way of making edits, but Luminar Neo allows you to do it more simply and quickly.

If you want to use higher-level editing tools, you can still use Luminar Neo. Use layers, masking, local adjustments, blending and masking modes, and double exposure effects to bring your imagination to life.

Your purchase also comes with six add-on packages to use with Luminar Neo: Perfect Fluffy Clouds, Soulful Panoramas, Spring Adventure, Emerald Forest, Champions Bundle, and Bokeh Dreams.

Each of these add-ons has presets or LUTs that you can use to enhance your photos in a few clicks. For example, replace a dreary sky with a sunny one with Perfect Fluffy Clouds, recreate the feeling of being in a forest with Emerald Forest, edit landscape photos with Soulful Panoramas, and more.

With the help of AI and a wide range of tools at your fingertips, you can start bringing your creative ideas to life.

Get a lifetime license to Luminar Neo with six add-ons for just $119.99, normally $400.

Prices subject to change.

Opens in a new tab Credit: Luminar Neo Luminar Neo Lifetime Bundle (opens in a new tab) $119.99 at the Mashable Shop Get Deal (opens in a new tab)
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Power up your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch with this $148 wireless charging station

Mashable - 10 hours 11 min ago

TL;DR: As of June 7, the OMNIA M+ MagSafe Wireless Charging Station and A1 Apple Watch Fast Charger is on sale for $147.99 instead of $168. That's 11% in savings.

Keeping your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch charged up is enough hassle without all the stray cords and adapters getting in your way. If you've been searching for a more convenient charging solution, check out the OMNIA M+ MagSafe Wireless Charging Station and A1 Apple Watch Fast Charger, which can power up three of your Apple devices simultaneously. Grab one for just $147.99 (reg. $168) for a limited time.

This charging station is designed to be simple to set up — just connect it to a power source with the included cord and charging head, and place it on your nightstand or desk for a clutter-free charging experience. A sleek metal and chrome finish compliments most interiors, from the bedroom to your workspace.

Use the main magnetic charger for your compatible iPhone. Connect your phone horizontally or vertically, and once it's locked in place, your phone start recharging automatically and quickly. Plus, you can top off your compatible AirPods using the magnetic charging spot on the base of the station.

On the base's side is a USB-C port that you can use to power up another device. Or, attach the included Apple Watch magnetic charger to juice up your watch. This charger was made with a strong magnet to keep your watch in place and charge it fast.

The OMNIA M+ was constructed with overcurrent and overvoltage protection to keep your devices safe as they charge. This allows you to set your devices onto their wireless chargers and leave them for as long as you want, without worrying about removing them once the battery is full.

It's time to upgrade your home charging solution with a station that helps remove cord clutter and is designed to charge your Apple devices faster than ever.

Grab the OMNIA M+ MagSafe Wireless Charging Station and A1 Apple Watch Fast Charger, now just $147.99 (reg. $168).

Opens in a new tab Credit: Adam Elements OMNIA M+ MagSafe Wireless Charging Station and A1 Apple Watch Fast Charger (opens in a new tab) $147.99 at the Mashable Shop Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

Prices subject to change.

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From 'Boy's a Liar Pt. 2' to 'See You Again,' here are TikTok's biggest songs of the year (so far)

Mashable - 10 hours 11 min ago

TikTok may no longer be an app exclusively for dancing anymore, but its influence on hit making remains.

So far, in 2023 TikTok helped transform rapper Ice Spice into the people's princess and got us all humming, "He say that I'm good enough, grabbin' my duh-duh-duh" in the process. But it hasn't just been Ice Spice's year, it's also been a year where sped-up remixes, accelerated versions of songs that pitch up the vocals, took hold of the For You Page. Here are all the most popular and memorable songs and remixes on TikTok of 2023.

SEE ALSO: Lalala or okokok? How to play the viral TikTok quiz. "Flowers" by Miley Cyrus

Cyrus' ode to singlehood, "Flowers," first grabbed the public consciousness because TikTok loves mess and drama. After the release of the song and juicy music video in early January, fans flocked to the social media platform to analyze the lyrics and imagery in order to unearth all the Easter eggs about the pop star's ex-husband, actor Liam Hemsworth. In the five months since its release, the song became the soundtrack to 5.3 million TikToks. It helps that the song is an absolute jam.

"ceilings (Sped Up Version)" by Lizzie McAlpline

A trend materialized out of singer-songwriter Lizzie McAlpine's slow and sorrowful song "ceilings" off of her 2022 album Five Seconds Flat. The sped-up remix machine ate up "ceilings" and spit it out as an emotionally resonant dance track. In January, TikTokkers began posting videos singing along to the portion of the remix that begins with "but it's over" and when the song climaxes the TikTokker starts running away from the camera. The trend proliferated and peaked in March. "ceilings" videos are mostly filmed in locations that lend themselves to the drama of the trend such as on the beach or a foggy, tree-lined street. McAlpine capitalized on the trend and released her own sped up version of the song on TikTok and YouTube in February.

"Sure Thing - Sped Up" by Miguel

Miguel's 2010 moody love song found a second life on TikTok thanks to someone posting a pitched-up, sped-up version of it. The remix's popularity resulted in the singer releasing his own accelerated version in January, which plays in nearly 4 million TikToks.

"Boy's a Liar Pt. 2" by Pinkpantheress and Ice Spice

In a true world stop moment, British singer Pinkpantheress released a remix of her song "Boy's a Liar" featuring the up-and-coming American rapper, Ice Spice. The track came out in February and Ice Spice and her signature orange hair became the it girl of the year overnight. The upbeat dance-pop song features in 2.1 million TikToks and counting.

"See You Again" ft. Kali Uchis by Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator's dreamy 2017 hit off his album Flower Boy became somewhat of a personality quiz on TikTok in April. Towards the end of the song Tyler raps "OK, OK, OK" in repetition while Uchis sings "la, la, la." TikTok determined that fundamentally you're either an okokok person or a lalala person which are defined by the vibes Tyler and Uchis respectively convey with their voices in the snippet.

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How to watch 'Avatar: The Way of Water' from your couch

Mashable - 10 hours 11 min ago

UPDATE: Jun. 7, 2023, 5:00 a.m. EDT This article has been updated to reflect the official streaming release of 'Avatar: The Way of Water' on June 7.

James Cameron's Oscar-winning 'Avatar: The Way of Water' is officially available to stream. Here are the best ways to watch: MOST AFFORDABLE Disney+ (with ads) (opens in a new tab) $7.99/month Get Deal (opens in a new tab) BEST BUNDLE DEAL Disney+ and Hulu (with ads) (opens in a new tab) $9.99/month (save 37%) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) BEST PREMIUM OPTION Max (with ads) (opens in a new tab) $99.99/year (save 17%) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) BEST FREE TRIAL Max add-on for Amazon Prime Video (opens in a new tab) 7-day free trial Get Deal (opens in a new tab) BEST NON-STREAMING OPTION Buy in 4K from Apple TV (opens in a new tab) $19.99 Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

Over a decade after Avatar ascended to the top of the box office to become the world's highest-grossing film of all time, James Cameron has brought us back to the visually extraordinary Pandora in Avatar: The Way of Water.

Mashable Film Editor Kristy Puchko described it as "groundbreaking, ambitious, and even overstuffed with cinematic wonder." And like its predecessor, it has not only made a splash at the box office, but also secured itself an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. While Avatar 2 had a long run in theaters, you can finally witness the visuals in all their glory via a couple different streaming services from the comfort of your couch.

Need a refresher? Be sure to check out our primer on all things Pandora before you watch Avatar: The Way of Water. Then put on your comfy pants and get ready to be wowed by your TV.

Is Avatar: The Way of Water coming to Disney+?

Yes, Avatar: The Way of Water will join the original Avatar on Disney+ on June 7. Interestingly, though, Disney+ doesn't have exclusive streaming rights to the film. So, the James Cameron sequel is also set to hit Max (previously HBO Max), a rival streaming service, the same day. This is all thanks to a temporary Disney deal to share the streaming rights for 20th Century's theatrical releases with Warner. Bros. for films released through the end of 2022 (which concludes with the Avatar 2 release).

Can I watch Avatar 2 on Netflix?

Though Netflix has plenty of excellent science fiction films, Avatar: The Way of Water will not be available to stream on Netflix. When it is released for streaming, it will only be available on Disney+ and Max.

How to watch Avatar: The Way of Water at home

The Way of Water officially hits Disney+ and Max on June 7. If you're already a subscriber to one of these streaming services, you're in good shape. You don't need to do anything but wait for the film to appear on its premiere date. If you don't already subscribe to Disney+ or Max, we've rounded up the best deals for each streamer. Here are the best ways to visit Pandora from home.

Disney+ streaming dealsBest for most people: Disney+ (with ads) single-month subscription Opens in a new tab Credit: Disney+ Disney+ (with ads) for one month (opens in a new tab) $7.99/month Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

If you don't mind a few ads here and there, subscribing to a single month of Disney+ for $7.99 (and then cancelling before your subscription auto-renews) is one of the most affordable ways to watch Avatar: The Way of Water, along with some other great films and series. This is also one of the most straightforward options for those who are a bit baffled by all the different streaming services.

Best bundle deal: Disney+ (with ads) and Hulu (with ads) Opens in a new tab Credit: Hulu / Disney+ Disney+ and Hulu (with ads) (opens in a new tab) $9.99/month Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

If you're already a Hulu subscriber or you simply want the most bang for your buck, you can bundle Hulu with Disney+ for just $2 per month than Disney+ alone. You'll still have to watch a few ads here and there, but overall, the juice is worth the squeeze for all the extra content you have access to for the low cost.

Best way to watch for free: Disney+ Premium (no ads) for eligible Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plans and eligible Verizon Fios Home Internet Plans Opens in a new tab Credit: Verizon / Disney+ Disney+ Premium (no ads) (opens in a new tab) free for eligible Verizon customers (save $10.99/month) Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

Listen up, Verizon customers. If you have a previously-available 5G Do More, 5G Start, Welcome Unlimited, One Unlimited for iPhone, Get More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Verizon Plan Unlimited, Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, or Above Unlimited Verizon Wireless plan, you're eligible for the Disney+ Premium (no ads) six-month subscription offer. If you have the 5G Get More or 5G Play More plan, you're eligible to get the Disney Bundle (which includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+) included on your account for free. Learn more about eligibility on the Disney+ FAQ page via Verizon.

Verizon Fios internet customers can also secure a free six or 12 months of Disney+ Premium (no ads). If you have the 2 Gig Streaming or 2 Gig Complete Package, you can access Disney+ Premium for free for an entire year. If you have the 1 Gig Streaming or 1 Gig Complete Package, you can access Disney+ Premium for free for six months. Either way, you can easily watch Avatar 2 and many other films and series in that time.

Max streaming dealsBest for most people: Max (with ads) single-month subscription Opens in a new tab Credit: Max Max (with ads) (opens in a new tab) $9.99/month or $99.99/year Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

If you want to watch Avatar 2 and maybe poke around and see what the new Max streaming service is all about, you can sign up for a basic subscription for $9.99 per month. Cancel before your month is up to avoid auto-renewal charges. If you want more bang for your buck, you can save about 17% by signing up for an entire year at once. For the Max basic plan with ads, the streamer promises you won't have to watch more than four minutes of ads per hour of streaming. That's not too shabby when all is said and done, especially considering an ad-free plan is $15.99 per month.

Best way to watch for free: 7-day trial via Amazon Prime Video Opens in a new tab Credit: Amazon / Max Max (ad-free) (opens in a new tab) free 7-day trial Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

Finally, having an Amazon Prime account pays off. If you're a Prime member and haven't already signed up for a Max trial through Prime Video, now's your chance to take advantage of it and watch Avatar: The Way of Water for free. You'll get a full week to watch for free, then your card will automatically be charged $15.99 per month for Max (ad-free). Just be sure to cancel before your trial week is up if you want to avoid the charge.

Other ways to watch for free: Max (with ads) for AT&T Wireless customers and Cricket customers Opens in a new tab Credit: AT&T / Max Max (with ads) (opens in a new tab) free with eligible AT&T plans Check eligibility (opens in a new tab)

The following AT&T Wireless plans give users access to Max for free: AT&T Unlimited Elite, AT&T Unlimited PlusSM, AT&T Unlimited Plus EnhancedSM, AT&T Unlimited ChoiceSM, AT&T Unlimited Choice IISM, AT&T Unlimited Choice EnhancedSM, AT&T Unlimited &MoreSM Premium. Unfortunately, only those who are already signed up for these plans will receive the Max benefit; switching to AT&T or changing your plan won't get you access. Sign into your myAT&T account and look for your package or plan info to determine if you're eligible.

Opens in a new tab Credit: Cricket / Max Max (with ads) (opens in a new tab) free for Cricket customers on the $60/month plan Get Deal (opens in a new tab)

For Cricket customers, it's a bit more straightforward. If you're on the $60/month plan, you get Max (with ads) for free. If you're already a Cricket customer on a different plan, you can upgrade or change your plan to the $60/month plan to get Max included. When you login to Max, choose to connect with a provider and select Cricket to enter your credentials. That's it — you're free to stream Avatar: The Way of Water and whatever else your heart desires.

Other ways to watch Avatar: The Way of Water at home

Can't fathom signing up for yet another streaming service just to watch Avatar 2? You can purchase the blockbuster sequel from digital retailers like Amazon, Vudu, and Apple TV for $19.99 in up to 4K quality with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio.

The good news is that once you purchase a digital copy of the film, you can stream it whenever you want. You own it. Plus, the digital version comes with a massive set of extra features like "Inside Pandora's Box" and "More from Pandora's Box," which highlight special teams within the production and challenges the cast and crew faced during filming, among other things.

How to watch the original Avatar

If you want to rewatch the first Avatar film before you dive into the sequel, you have a few options. Disney+ users can stream the original blockbuster for free with their subscription. Non Disney+ subscribers can rent or buy the film on digital retailers like Amazon or Apple TV.

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20 best comedies streaming on Netflix right now

Mashable - 10 hours 11 min ago

Nothing feels as good as a deep, genuine laugh. It's an expression of joy! It's a workout. It's a sign that you're having a good time.

Netflix has a dazzling selection of comedy movies that put that good-time feeling on demand. Whether you're craving action-spiked shenanigans, quirky coming-of-age adventures, awkward humor, stranger-than-fiction silliness, madcap musical numbers, or crime with a dash of comedy, there's a perfect pick for you. And we've made singling it out all the easier by highlighting the most hilarious below.

Here, in no particular order, are the 20 funniest movies now streaming on Netflix.

20. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Credit: Netflix

Writer/director Rian Johnson follows up his critically heralded whodunnit with a sequel that's even more explosive than Knives Out. Southern gentleman/detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is back, drawling deductions and whipping out witticisms, much to the chagrin of a group of wealthy and conniving friends.

It was supposed to be a murder mystery weekend where homicide was just a game. But when tech scion Miles Bron (Edward Norton) brings together his closest friends and worst enemy, real blood will be spilled, and the game is afoot! Joining in on the comically chaotic fun are Kate Hudson, Janelle Monáe, Dave Bautista, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., and Jessica Henwick. — Kristy Puchko, Film Editor

How to watch: Glass Onion is now streaming on Netflix.

SEE ALSO: All those 'Glass Onion' cameos, ranked 19. A League of Their Own

Batter up! Inspired by the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL), A League of Their Own brings viewers back to World War II America, where the men were shipped overseas to war and the women on the home front stepped into roles previously prohibited. This included playing professional baseball, where misfits, tomboys, bad girls, and housewives found new passion and purpose.

Geena Davis and Lori Petty star as a pair of sisters who struggle to play on the same team. Director Penny Marshall brought together an astounding ensemble that also includes Tom Hanks, Madonna, Jon Lovitz, Rosie O'Donnell, and David Strathairn. Together, they create one of the best sports movies of all time, and also one wonderfully funny film, full of outrageous characters, witty retorts, and a rousing climax that's a real winner. — K.P.

How to watch: A League of Their Own is now streaming on Netflix.

18. Easy A Credit: Olive Bridge / Kobal / Shutterstock

Want a raunchy teen comedy that's surprisingly smart? Then revisit 2010's winsome rom-com Easy A. Emma Stone stars as Olive, a modern-day Hester Prynne, which in this context means a high school girl who's trading fictional sexcapades for gift cards. The boys get high fives for their sexual prowess, while — double standards being what they are — Olive get slut shamed as a pariah. But don't worry, she's got a plan.

Will Gluck directs a star-studded cast that includes You's Penn Badgley as a lovable crush, Amanda Bynes as a judgmental mean girl, Thomas Haden Church as a confounded mentor, and Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci as Olive's parents, who are funny, and outrageous, and the definition of couple goals. They've got a pocketful (pocketful pocketful) of sunshine, and all you have to do to enjoy is hit play. — K.P.

How to watch: Easy A is now streaming on Netflix.

17. Bullet Train

If you like your comedy with in-your-face action, you should race to check out this 2022 romp from Deadpool 2 director David Leitch. It's a high-octane film that asks the classic question: "What happens if you pile a bunch of assassins onto one bullet train through Japan?" The answer is delightfully daffy carnage.

Brad Pitt leads a star-studded cast as a merc who's lost his bloodlust. What's supposed to be a simple snatch-and-go job turns dangerously complicated as he crosses paths with a cavalcade of curious characters, all of whom are rocking code names like Tangerine, Lemon, Wolf, The Prince, The Hornet, and White Death. Rapid-fire wit is wielded by the likes of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Michael Shannon, Bad Bunny, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Joey King, Zazie Beetz, and Sandra Bullock. Also wielded? Every form of weapon you can imagine, from guns and knives to poison, wild animals, and even a well-traveled water bottle. Sound cool? Catch it while you can. — K.P.

How to watch: Bullet Train is now streaming on Netflix.

16. Between Two Ferns: The Movie Credit: Adam Rose / Netflix

Zach Galifianakis's awkward celebrity interview web series Between Two Ferns might not seem like fodder for a full-length movie, but Between Two Ferns: The Movie goes double meta by presenting his success on Funny or Die as an insult to the actor's intention to host a "serious" interview show. Galifianakis the character sets off to correct the assumption that his original show is a joke by interviewing even more celebrities, like John Cho, Keanu Reeves, Gal Gadot, Tiffany Haddish, and more. — Alexis Nedd, Senior Entertainment Reporter

How to watch: Between Two Ferns: The Movie is now streaming on Netflix.

15. Do Revenge Credit: Netflix

Looking for a revenge flick that pays tribute to teen classics like Mean Girls, Heathers, Cruel Intentions, and more? Then check out Do Revenge, a dark comedy sure to join the canon of iconic high school movies. Students Drea (Camila Mendes) and Eleanor (Maya Hawke) couldn't be more different... apart from the fact that both have major bones to pick with people who ruined their reputations. They decide to team up and execute one another's revenge plans, which leads down a winding road of morally dubious choices, snappy one-liners, and excellent outfits.

Mendes and Hawke have great chemistry, but it's Sophie Turner who damn near steals the show in a bit part that simply must be seen to be believed.*Belen Edwards, Entertainment Reporter

How to watch: Do Revenge is now streaming on Netflix.

SEE ALSO: Sophie Turner steals Netflix's 'Do Revenge' in 5 outrageous minutes 14. A Knight's Tale Credit: Moviestore / Shutterstock

Hot off the success of the contemporary Shakespearean adaptation 10 Things I Hate About You, Heath Ledger returned to the spotlight in another anachronistic mash-up of love and romance. And it had plenty of action to boot!

Born a humble thatcher's son, Will (Ledger) seems destined to live a life of poverty and no consequence. Well, that is until he masquerades as a knight with a little help from his friends (Alan Tudyk, Mark Addy, and Paul Bettany). Together, they build a legend of a champion, pitching Will into jousting competitions for money and love. Because of course amid scenes of horse-striding battle, there's also time for romance with a devastatingly chic princess (Shannyn Sossamon).

Written and directed by Brian Helgeland, A Knight's Tale blends a medieval fable with modern sensibilities, a rockin' soundtrack, and the vibes of a teen comedy with a rousing sports epic. It's an intoxicating blend that's sure to make your heart race and your belly rock with laughter. — K.P.

Where to watch: A Knight's Tale is now streaming on Netflix.

13. Hunt for the Wilderpeople Credit: Piki Films / Kobal / Shutterstock

This 2016 adventure about bad egg Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison) and his curmudgeonly foster father Hec (Sam Neill) is the kind of eccentric delight that writer/director Taika Waititi specializes in (this time co-writing with Barry Crump, who wrote the original book).

After losing his foster mother, Ricky flees into the forests of New Zealand; Hec pursues him, only to realize he doesn't feel the need to return to civilization either. Together, they become the wilderpeople, living off the land and evading capture from authorities, including Thor: Ragnarok's Rachel House. Wilderpeople is equal parts stirring, hilarious, and absurd — a silly yet sentimental story of found family and adventure that can be loved by all. — Proma Khosla, Senior Entertainment Reporter

How to watch: Hunt for the Wilderpeople is now streaming on Netflix.

12. Always Be My Maybe

What if the one who got away got a second chance? Back in the day, Sasha and Marcus were tight as a slap bracelet. But one fumbled night in a sweaty backseat seemed to shatter their future together.

Fifteen years later, she's a world-renowned chef and he's — well — he's working for his dad's HVAC business and playing with his band on the side. Still, fate arranges for them to reconnect, which could mean Marcus (Randall Park) has a shot to show Sasha (Ali Wong) how he feels. Comedy ensues as the stakes get high when Keanu Reeves crashes the party, being all weird and hot and having the audacity to be Keanu Reeves! This Nahnatchka Khan-helmed laffer also boasts appearances by James Saito, Charlyne Yi, Karan Soni, Daniel Dae Kim, and Michelle Buteau.*K.P.

How to watch: Always Be My Maybe is now streaming on Netflix.

SEE ALSO: 20 best romantic comedies to fall in love with on Netflix 11. Mean Girls Credit: Paramount / Kobal / Shutterstock

The iconic 2004 comedy couldn't match "fetch" happen, but it's had us howling nonetheless.

Written by Tina Fey and Rosalind Wiseman, Mean Girls centers on new-kid-in-town Cady Heron (Lindsey Lohan), who gets a crash course in cliques and cool thanks to a snarling goth outcast (Lizzy Caplan) and the pretty-in-pink popular girls, known as The Plastics (Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert). Teen comedy tropes get taken to outrageous extremes. Sure, some of these punchlines feel dated in the way they punch down. But full of memorable quotes and sensationally silly performances, Mean Girls still makes the grade in laughs. — K.P.

How to watch: Mean Girls is now streaming on Netflix.

10. Dolemite Is My Name Credit: François Duhamel / Netflix

Chronicling the true story of late comedian Rudy Ray Moore — also known as Dolemite — this Eddie Murphy vehicle is worth every minute of viewing.

An outrageous showbiz comedy, Dolemite Is My Name is at once a poignant look at the life of an underdog and an unbelievably good time. With supporting performances by Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Wesley Snipes, Craig Robinson, and more, this biopic offers more beat-for-beat joy than many of its fictional counterparts. Sensational, aspirational, and electric: You'll love it. — Alison Foreman, Entertainment Reporter

How to watch: Dolemite Is My Name is now streaming on Netflix.

9. Steel Magnolias

If there’s any movie that’s emblematic of the necessity of laughing through pain, it’s Steel Magnolias. The loss of a loved one is beyond devastating, especially when that loss is as slow and foreseen as it is with Julia Roberts's Shelby, a young Southern woman whose type 1 diabetes puts her life at risk when she decides to have a baby. But the beauty of Herbert Ross's tragic dramedy is how it finds comfort and relief in processing grief with comedy.

The film bookends each painful blow with warm, infectious humor courtesy of the electric chemistry shared by Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Dolly Parton, Olympia Dukakis, Daryl Hannah, and Roberts. Take Field’s iconic breakdown scene, a reminder that the way to get through the unimaginable tragedies of life is to have people around you who can break up the anguish with a little laughter and sweetness.* — Oliver Whitney, Contributing Writer

How to watch: Steel Magnolias is now streaming on Netflix.

8. The Polka King Credit: Netflix

Sometimes true crime can lead to some pitch-perfect dark comedy. This is the case for this outrageous offering, which stars Jack Black as infamous scammer/local celebrity Jan Lewan. Black brings all the rock star panache you need to understand how Lewan could be so beguiling to the Pennsylvanian retirees who surrendered their savings to the self-proclaimed Polka King.

Screenwriters Maya Forbes and Wallace Wolodarsky gave this story of fraud and showmanship shape. But they wisely trusted in the local flair of the terrific 2009 documentary The Man Who Would Be Polka King to provide some of the wildest lines of dialogue. Plucking directly from interviews with the friends, family, and victims of Jan Lewan, this comedy feels stranger than fiction but is jaw-droppingly real. Salty supporting turns from Jenny Slate, Jacki Weaver, and Jason Schwartzman bring added fun.* — K.P.

How to watch: The Polka King is now streaming on Netflix.

SEE ALSO: Love me like a Polka King 7. The Mitchells vs. The Machines Credit: Netflix

Sony Pictures Animation has given audiences such daring and dynamic animated movies as Surf's Up, Hotel Transylvania, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This zany 2021 release centers on a family who's battling back the robo-apocalypse with togetherness, internet savviness, and a wall-eyed pug named Monchi (voiced by social media icon Doug the Pug).

The Mitchells' adventure into chaos begins when daughter Katie (Abbi Jacobson) is poised to go off to college. Desperate for one last family-unifying road trip, her dad (Danny McBride) piles the whole family into his beater of a vehicle, unknowingly charting a fateful route into heroics. Director Mike Rianda infuses Katie's excitable perspective throughout the film by working in internet memes, social media-style reactions, and blitz of bonkers visuals. It’s a bold move that might alienate some viewers but has largely won the acclaim of critics and kiddos.*K.P.

How to watch: The Mitchells vs. The Machines is now streaming on Netflix.

6. The Nice Guys

If you're a sucker for black comedy, witty dialogue, '70s style, and/or odd-couple comedic duos, it doesn't get much nicer than The Nice Guys. Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) and Holland March (Ryan Gosling) play a pair of washed-up private investigators who reluctantly join forces to search for a missing woman (Margaret Qualley) in 1977 Los Angeles — with occasional assistance from March's clever teenage daughter, played by Angourie Rice.

Though the mystery takes the gang to the farthest reaches of the city, burrowing deep into rabbit holes and brushing up against all manner of eccentrics, it's the unexpected chemistry between Crowe and Gosling that really keeps this engine running, and it'll leave you wishing for more where that came from.* — Angie Han, Deputy Entertainment Editor

How to watch: The Nice Guys is now streaming on Netflix.

5. The Forty-Year-Old Version Credit: Jeong Park / Netflix © 2020

The Forty-Year-Old Version isn’t just any film about a struggling New York artist, but one about a Black female playwright who’s continually held back from creating something authentic to her perspective. Radha Blank’s autobiographical directorial debut, which she also wrote, produced, and stars in, is a searing, funny, and unabashedly honest look at the compromises Black creatives are pushed to make in a world dominated by whiteness.

A teacher approaching her 40th birthday, Radha (Blank) gets the chance to produce one of her plays — only after she refuses to write a slave musical. But forced to change her vision to appease white audiences, Radha considers a totally different medium to express herself: becoming a rapper. The Forty-Year-Old Version may be one of the most slept-on Netflix originals, and it’s a shame we’ve yet to see another film from Blank since, itself an indictment of an industry that fails to continually platform raw and honest Black storytelling.* — O.W.

How to watch: The Forty-Year-Old Version is now streaming on Netflix.

4. Vampires vs. the Bronx Credit: Netflix

Want a movie that's got excitement, comedy, a scorching message about the evils of gentrification, and is a kid-friendly romp? Then take a bite out of Vampires vs. the Bronx.

Oz Perkins's PG-13 horror-comedy centers on Afro-Latino teens who recognize that a flurry of missing person posters and an influx of rich white folks with tote bags means bad news for the neighborhood. Together, they team up Monster Squad-style to take down the bloodsuckers and save their community. With a sharp wit, a warm heart, a rich sense of atmosphere, and an equal appreciation for the Blade movies and '80s Amblin, Vampires vs. the Bronx is an easy watch full of rewards.*K.P.

How to watch: Vampires vs. the Bronx is now streaming on Netflix.

3. The Breaker Upperers

This hidden gem comes from New Zealand, the fertile comedy ground that gave us Taika Waititi, Flight of the Conchords, and What We Do in the ShadowsWaititi collaborators Jackie van Beek, James Rolleston, and Jemaine Clement team up for a deeply quirky buddy comedy about two long-time besties with a bonkers — but brilliant — business model.

Need someone to dump your partner so you can avoid a messy confrontation? Call on Jen and Mel (co-writers/co-directors/co-leads van Beek and Madeleine Sami). For a reasonable fee, these fearless Breaker Upperers will impersonate police officers, play pregnant, or even fake your death to help you ghost an ex. Whatever the shenanigans, van Beek and Sami sparkle. Booming with wild humor and big heart, this comedy is guaranteed to leave you cackling.* — K.P.

Where to watch: The Breaker Upperers is now streaming on Netflix.

2. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Credit: John Wilson / Netflix

With its reputation for wacky musical numbers, the Eurovision Song Contest is ripe for parody. Luckily for Eurovision lovers, the contest gets the send-up it deserves in this gloriously goofy flick starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. They play the Icelandic musical duo Fire Saga, who find themselves in the Eurovision spotlight. There, they discover that the famed competition is a world of cutthroat competitors, glitzy costumes, and many, many bops.

Eurovision Song Contest is full of larger-than-life characters and ridiculous humor, but it's also teeming with Eurovision references that will have fans laughing and cheering. For every "Jaja Ding Dong," there's a joyful Song-A-Long — and both are great! Pair all that with pitch-perfect comedic performances from Ferrell and McAdams, and you have a comedy that will both have you in stitches and win your heart. (Best of all, if you weren't a Eurovision fanatic before seeing this movie, you'll definitely be one by the time it ends.)*B.E.

How to watch: Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is now streaming on Netflix.

1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail Credit: FilmPublicityArchive / United Arch

Made up of Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, John Cleese, Michael Palin, and Terry Gilliam, the comedy troupe Monty Python are the uncontested kings of comedy. So it's only fitting that we raise a glass to their most popular film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Sure, Life of Brian has iconoclastic fun with Bible stories — and a toe-tapping sound number to boot! But many of the crew's most memorable characters tumble forth in this parody of Arthurian lore.

From the knights Who Say "Ni!" to the dreaded Rabbit of Caerbannog to a taunting Frenchman to the Black Knight who'll never say die, Holy Grail is overflowing with madcap comedy. It's endlessly quotable, stupidly funny, and captures everything that made this comedy team spectacular. Not to mention, it forever changed how we see coconuts, swallows, hamsters, and elderberries. — K.P. & A.F.

How to watch: Monty Python and the Holy Grail is now streaming on Netflix.

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