Cyber attack sweeps globe, researchers see 'WannaCry' link

Technology News (Reuters) - 17 min 46 sec ago
MOSCOW/KIEV/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A major global cyber attack disrupted computers at Russia's biggest oil company, Ukrainian banks and multinational firms with a virus similar to the ransomware that infected more than 300,000 computers last month .
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'Pretty Little Liars' finale gives us a fittingly bonkers ending to one of TV's craziest shows

Mashable - 27 min 21 sec ago
Spoiler warning: This recap contains plot details for the Pretty Little Liars series finale, titled "Til Death Do Us Part."

Pretty Little Liars came to a dramatic end Tuesday with an action-packed two-hour series finale. But a PLL series finale that runs double the length of a normal episode? That's a recipe for mind-blowing reveals left and right. Here are the six biggest revelations of "Til Death Do Us Part."

1. A.D. is revealed

In a theory fans guessed at a while back, it turns out Spencer and Charlotte were not Mary Drake's only children — Spencer is actually a twin. Her identical twin sister, Alex Drake, was adopted by a wealthy British couple who later dumped her at an orphanage when it turned out Alex had some "issues." Read more...

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CEO Fraud

CEO Fraud is a type of targeted attack. It commonly involves a cyber criminally pretending to be your boss, then tricking or fooling you into sending the criminal highly sensitive information or initiating a wire transfer. Be highly suspicious of any emails demanding immediate action and/or asking you to bypass any security procedures.
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India's largest container port hit by global cyber attack

Technology News (Reuters) - 39 min 25 sec ago
MUMBAI (Reuters) - Operations at one of three terminals at India's largest container port JNPT, on the outskirts of India's commercial hub of Mumbai, have been disrupted by the global ransomware attack, the port said on Wednesday.
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JPMorgan Chase to centralize energy controls for 4,500 branches

Technology News (Reuters) - 1 hour 34 min ago
NEW YORK (Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase & Co is shifting control of heating, air-conditioning and lighting in 4,500 of its branches to an operations center hosted in the internet cloud.
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Suspect gives deputy a 'Get out of jail free' Monopoly card while getting arrested

Mashable - 2 hours 35 min ago

Can't fault a guy for trying.

The Dakota County Sheriff's Office in Minnesota  arrested a man this past weekend with an outstanding controlled substance warrant. At some point during the arrest, Deputy Vai discovered a "Get out of jail free" card on the man, you know, from Monopoly.

Yep, this dude carried around the card "just in case," according to the cops.

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Unfortunately for the man being arrested, the card did not work IRL, though the sheriff's office did compliment his effort.

WATCH: How ‘The Walking Dead’ show left the original comic behind


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New images give us our first good look at Samsung's Galaxy Note 8

Mashable - 2 hours 53 min ago

We may have just gotten our first good look at Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, thanks to this detailed render.

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Although these aren't photos, the new images are design renders based on what we know from prior leaks.

The images come from OnLeaks, which developed the designs with 91mobiles. The renders provide an up-close look at the front and back side of the handsets. 

The 6.3-inch display is about what we expected — it's widely thought the front of the Note 8 will look similar to the 6.2-inch S8+, but the back offers an intriguing look at how Samsung plans to implement its dual-camera design. Read more...

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Well-meaning woman tries to honor her late mom and gets a face full of ash

Mashable - 3 hours 9 min ago


{"player":{"description":"Just like that scene from 'The Big Lebowski.'","image":"","mediaid":"360O5b5lV4","preload":false,"title":"Well-meaning woman tries to honor her late mom and gets a face full of ash","sources":[{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""}]},"options":{"disableAds":false,"disableSharing":false,"embedUrl":"","standaloneUrl":null,"post":{"url":"","date":"2017-06-28T02:26:25.000Z","bp_id":50005,"wp_id":null}},"advertising":{"params":{"keywords":"funny,culture,viral videos,fail","sec0":null,"sec1":"","prc":""}},"analytics":{"labels":"funny,culture,viral videos,fail","videoSeriesName":null}} More about Funny, Culture, Viral Videos, Fail, and Culture
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Instagram is making it way easier to keep track of comments

Mashable - 3 hours 15 min ago

Instagram comments might be getting a much-needed update.

A new test on the Android app of Instagram shows nested comments, similar to those on Facebook. 

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Hitting "reply" on a comment now adds them to a thread like this:

Image: instagram

Instagram comments are currently a confusing mess, so it's a good sign that the company is working on changing that. Right now, replying to someone's comment doesn't notify them unless you explicitly tag them again, but with this it'll be easier to know when someone replies to you. Read more...

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Toshiba faces shareholders with no chip unit deal signed

Technology News (Reuters) - 3 hours 18 min ago
CHIBA, Japan (Reuters) - Japan's Toshiba Corp faced shareholders at its annual meeting on Wednesday with no deal in hand for the sale of its prized flash memory chip unit and a long list of humiliating setbacks to apologise for.
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Trump creeps on Irish reporter in the Oval Office, and America is so, so sorry

Mashable - 3 hours 25 min ago

You'll need a shower after this.

During a diplomatic call with Ireland's new Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on Tuesday, American President Donald Trump couldn't help but wave RTÉ correspondent Caitríona Perry over to his desk. It was creepy. It was gross. It was not a good look. 

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"We have a lot of your Irish press watching us right now," Trump said while on the phone, before turning his attention to Perry. 

"Where are you from? Go ahead, come here, come here, where are you from, we have all of this beautiful Irish press." Read more...

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Serena Williams won't be getting an apology from John McEnroe anytime soon

Mashable - 3 hours 40 min ago

Tennis legend John McEnroe drew the ire of social media when he said Serena Williams would be ranked "like number 700 in the world" if she played on the men's tennis circuit during a Sunday interview with NPR. 

Williams herself even fired back on Monday afternoon with a couple tweets. 

But neither Williams nor her many fans should hold their breath waiting on an apology from McEnroe. 

McEnroe appeared on CBS Tuesday morning for the latest stop in his book-promoting tour. On the program This Morning, he was asked if he'd like to apologize for what he said. He responded with a firm nope. 

He did, however, allow that what he said "wasn't necessary," while insisting he didn't know it would become a controversial topic of internet debate. McEnroe also said he'd currently be ranked "about 1,200 in the world" if he was still playing professionally at 58 years old.  Read more...

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Ryan Reynolds starts filming 'Deadpool' sequel, holds off on sarcastic comment

Mashable - 3 hours 49 min ago

We've known for ages that there will be a Deadpool sequel, but thanks to star Ryan Reynolds we know it's finally happening. 

Reynolds posted an Instagram photo on Tuesday of the slate for Deadpool 2, just after wrapping his first day back on set.

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If you follow Reynolds on social media, particularly on Twitter, you know he's got a flavor for sarcasm and humor — but his Deadpool post was as sincere as it gets.

The sun sets on day 1. Feels good to be back. This dog can hunt.

A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Jun 26, 2017 at 8:58pm PDT Read more...

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Disney World clears out the rumors: Trump will indeed voice his own robot

Mashable - 3 hours 51 min ago

Disney is finally setting the record straight on President Donald Trump and its iconic Disney World exhibit, the Hall of Presidents. 

Trump. Will. Speak.

“Despite some media reports to the contrary, President Trump will have a speaking role in The Hall of Presidents, like every president since 1993,” wrote Disney Parks Editorial Content Director Tom Smith on the official Disney Parks blog.

Other than comments from Disney CEO Bob Iger, this is the first official comment regarding the exhibit since it closed early this year for renovations. At the time, Disney Park's promised a June 29 reopening. Then, without fanfare, Disney removed the reopening date from the Disney Park site.

Since then, there’s been significant speculation about what role Trump would play in the hall, which has been updated with new presidents since Richard Nixon in the early 1970s and offered a crucial speaking role to every sitting president since Bill Clinton. Read more...

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Facing revolt on healthcare bill, Senate Republicans delay vote

Health News (Reuters) - 4 hours 5 min ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Republican leaders postponed a vote on a healthcare overhaul on Tuesday after resistance from members of their own party, and President Donald Trump summoned Republican senators to the White House to urge them to break the impasse.
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Marissa Mayer defends Travis Kalanick: 'I just don't think he knew' about the toxic Uber culture

Mashable - 4 hours 19 min ago

Travis Kalanick has at least one other recently unemployed chief executive in his corner.

Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer defended the disgraced Uber leader's honor — or at least his  obliviousness — in a speech in Palo Alto on Tuesday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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“I just don’t think he knew,” Mayer reportedly said of why Kalanick let such a toxic culture of systemic sexism fester at the ride-hailing company. “When your company scales that quickly, it’s hard.”

“Scale is incredibly tricky,” she added. “I count Travis as one of my friends. I think he’s a phenomenal leader; Uber is ridiculously interesting.” Read more...

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Your future iPhone could wake you up by memorizing your sleep patterns

Mashable - 4 hours 19 min ago

If you use an iPhone, Apple probably controls most of your waking hours. The company could take over your time spent in dreamland sometime in the near future, too, by using all the data it collects about you to push you toward a better night's sleep. 

Apple might be working on a new system to help improve user sleep patterns, if a new patent recently granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is any indication. 

The filing, which was unearthed by Apple Insider, describes new methods to automatically control alarms and notifications to manage bedtime at night and waking times in the morning. The system would offer a service that's usually against the company's MO: making users disengage with their phones to hit the hay.  Read more...

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Facebook hits 2 billion-user mark, doubling in size since 2012

Technology News (Reuters) - 4 hours 28 min ago
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc said on Tuesday that 2 billion people are regularly using its flagship service, marching past another milestone in its growth from a college curiosity in the United States to the world's largest social media network.
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Linde's Lincare settles U.S. whistleblower case for $20 million

Health News (Reuters) - 4 hours 58 min ago
(Reuters) - Linde AG's Lincare unit has agreed to pay $20 million to resolve a whistleblower lawsuit accusing the company of fraudulently billing the U.S. government for oxygen and respiratory care equipment.
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Comic for June 27, 2017

Dilbert - 5 hours 36 min ago
Dilbert readers - Please visit to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to
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