U.S. ambassador to Italy visits Telecom Italia headquarters

Technology News (Reuters) - 6 hours 12 min ago
The U.S. ambassador to Italy, Lewis Eisenberg, visited the Rome headquarters of Italian phone group Telecom Italia on Wednesday, a Reuters witness said.
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50 Cent was apparently offered $500K to attend Trump's inauguration

Mashable - 6 hours 21 min ago

President Donald Trump's 2017 inauguration wasn't exactly the most well-attended event in history.

And now it would appear that Trump was aware that he had attendance issues, even before the ceremony took place. 

At least that's what Curtis Jackson, AKA, 50 Cent says. On The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jackson said that Trump's people offered him half a million dollars to attend the inauguration.

"I was like, 'woah'." Jackson said. "Don't bring me to fix the African American vote." Read more...

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EU's Vestager says not precluding Facebook case in future

Technology News (Reuters) - 6 hours 23 min ago
Facebook is not currently in EU regulators' crosshairs but it may well be in future because of the crucial role played by data, Europe's antitrust chief said on Tuesday.
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Vodafone connects 5G smartphones to its network for first time

Technology News (Reuters) - 6 hours 24 min ago
Mobile phone group Vodafone has conducted a successful trial connecting next-generation 5G smartphones to its network for the first time as it prepares to launch 5G in some European cities later this year, it said on Wednesday.
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Vivo’s mid-range V15Pro puts pricey flagships to shame

Mashable - 6 hours 29 min ago

The flagship, originally, is the ship (the maritime kind) that carries the fleet's commander. In the smartphone world, the term has become synonymous with the best phone a phone company currently offers. Flagship is the most coveted by users and it gets the most attention from the media. Flagship is the phone you want

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But ever since Apple first put a $1,000 price tag on its flagship phone, things have started to change. Flagships are still the best phones around, but they're hardly the best value. And the discrepancy sometimes goes so far that it's getting hard to recommend a flagship phone when there are cheaper alternatives that are nearly as good.  Read more...

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China confirms African swine fever hits Shandong province as national outbreak spreads

Health News (Reuters) - 6 hours 59 min ago
China's agriculture ministry said on Wednesday it has confirmed the country's ongoing African swine fever outbreak continues to spread across the nation, hitting the major livestock production province of Shandong in the east for the first time.
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British start-up breeds high performance bugs for animal feed

Health News (Reuters) - 7 hours 18 sec ago
After centuries of selective breeding of animals and plants to maximize yields in agriculture, bugs are getting the same treatment, as demand for insect protein grows.
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Israel's fourth-quarter profit up, sees 25 revenue growth in 2019

Technology News (Reuters) - 7 hours 9 min ago, which helps small businesses build and operate websites, posted higher-than-expected fourth-quarter profit and forecast a 25 percent rise in revenue in 2019.
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Exclusive: China regulator stops accepting new video game applications to clear backlog - sources

Technology News (Reuters) - 7 hours 10 min ago
China's top content regulator has asked local authorities to stop submitting requests to monetize new video games, while it processes a backlog of applications built up after a lengthy pause last year, three people with knowledge of the matter said.
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Tencent to maintain aggressive investment stance in face of challenging 2019

Technology News (Reuters) - 7 hours 24 min ago
Tencent Holdings Ltd said investment is central to its overall strategy and so it will maintain its scale of investment after an aggressive 2018, brushing aside near-term risks such as the bursting of China's tech bubble as economic growth slows.
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Indivior launches generic version of opioid drug after losing court battle

Health News (Reuters) - 8 hours 52 min ago
Indivior Plc has launched a copycat version of its blockbuster opioid addiction drug in the United States, the British drugmaker said on Wednesday, after losing a prolonged court battle to block generic rivals in its biggest market.
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India's top court finds Anil Ambani guilty of contempt in RCom-Ericsson case

Technology News (Reuters) - 9 hours 21 min ago
India's Supreme Court on Wednesday found Anil Ambani, chairman of debt-laden Reliance Communications (RCom), guilty of contempt of court for wilfully failing to pay 5.5 billion rupees ($77.29 million) to telecom equipment maker Ericsson.
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SAP to launch hiring program in March: report

Technology News (Reuters) - 9 hours 51 min ago
German software maker SAP will be launching a hiring initiative in March despite slowing growth in recent months and a new restructuring program, as staff acquisition is a long-term process, its personnel chief said in an interview.
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Tencent says 2018 was best year for investments, looks for more

Technology News (Reuters) - 10 hours 15 min ago
China's Tencent Holdings has provided a detailed review of its investment performance for the first time, saying 2018 was its best year and vowing to look for more opportunities despite a challenging outlook and concerns it is losing focus.
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How Do You Ask Your Boss for an Unpaid Leave?

Havard Management Tip of the Day - 10 hours 19 min ago

Say you’d like to take time off work to travel or spend time with family, but don’t have enough vacation days. How do you ask your boss for an unpaid leave? Before the conversation, think about the concerns that might come up. Your manager will have a lot of reasons to say no, so know how you’ll respond to them. Consider what you want to achieve during your leave, and be ready to frame your request in terms of how it will benefit the company. You might outline the new skills you’ll learn, or the professional connections you’ll make. When it’s time to talk, bring multiple options to the table. Does the leave need to happen all at once, or could it be staggered in phases? Keep an open mind in case your boss suggests a plan you haven’t thought of. And, of course, time the conversation for when your manager is feeling positive about your performance.

Adapted from "How to Ask Your Boss for an Unpaid Leave to Travel, Study, or Spend Time with Family," by Amy Gallo

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The bromance is real between 'Spider-Man' stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland

Mashable - 11 hours 4 min ago

Turns out there's only love between Spider-Man and Mysterio, guys.

Jake Gyllenhaal chatted to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Tuesday about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as master of illusion Mysterio in the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Fallon noted Gyllenhaal's sweet bromance with Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland.

"He's great, dude. He's awesome. He's the nicest guy in the world. I'm super into him as Spider-Man," Gyllenhaal said, who posted a delightful Valentine's Day Instagram video featuring his co-star with the cheesy hearts Superzoom filter. It's love!

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 5. Read more...

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'Captain Marvel' first reactions: A fun, '90s adventure with a brilliant Carol Danvers

Mashable - 11 hours 24 min ago

You may believe the hype.

The much-anticipated Captain Marvel had its first screenings on Tuesday night, and the first audiences to watch the film have described it as unlike any other MCU film they've seen before, and weirder than you'd expect.

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The main take away? Well, as Mashable's Angie Han put it...

#CaptainMarvel: Well, Thanos is fucked.

— Angie J. Han (@ajhan) February 20, 2019

Other critics and viewers thought there was a strong, nostalgic '90s feel to the film, and yep, you bet it's going to be a lot of fun.

#CaptainMarvel has a great ‘90s sci-fi vibe w/ a tone unlike any other Marvel movie, really. It’s retro & trippy, mysterious & dorky. It’s funny in surprising places & badass in all the right places. It remains entertaining because it’s always changing. It’s got the right stuff

— Erik Davis (@ErikDavis) February 20, 2019

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Ransomware is a special type of malware. Once it infected your computer, it encrypts all of your files and demands you pay a ransome if you want your files back. Be suspicious of any emails trying to trick you into opening infected attachments or click on malicious links, common sense is your best defense. In addition. backups are often the only way you can recover from ransomware.
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Pixar short 'Kitbull' will make you cry with its unlikely dog-kitten friendship

Mashable - 12 hours 20 min ago

Oh, you were having a pretty cry-free day, huh? Hit play on Pixar's newest short and you'll be a puddle of tears.

Kitbull, directed by Rosana Sullivan and produced by Kathryn Hendrickson, follows the unlikely animal friendship between an abused pitbull and a self-reliant but easily scared stray kitten, set in San Francisco's Mission District.

It's not often animation tackles the devastating subject of animal abuse, but Kitbull does with heartbreaking insight. And it's a 2D animated short, which isn't the usual realm for Pixar.

"To be fully honest, it started from a cat video ... I loved watching cat videos in times of stress," said Sullivan in a companion video. "At first, I just wanted to draw something that made me feel good and was fun, but it evolved into something more personal to me eventually.  Read more...

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