Every Theragun device is on sale. Save up to $150 and massage your muscle pain away.

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 15:57

Here are the best Theragun massage gun deals for Cyber Weekend as of Nov. 28:

Working from home basically means sitting on your couch, slouching over your computer all day. Our back muscles (and our posture) could use some help this holiday season, before we can't actually stand up straight anymore. 

SEE ALSO: Here's a list of the best home fitness deals this Black Friday

No one has time to go get a massage every week (but if you do, we envy you), but a Theragun can help your muscle tension at home, for a fraction of the cost. The portable massager brand has solid deals on all of their coveted devices for Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, so check out our top picks and scoop one up before they return to full price.  Read more...

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This Nautilus exercise bike is 51% off and about 1/4 the price of a Peloton

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 15:27

Save $460.99: The Nautilus U616 Upright Bike is on sale for over half off at Amazon as of Nov. 28.

Possibly one of the most disappointed groups of people this Black Friday and Cyber Weekend are those who thought they might find a cheap Peloton bike — just to see that one is nearly $2,000, even after a Black Friday discount.

Amazon has an alternative on sale that could fit in with your home gym. The Nautilus U616 Upright Bike is the mid-range model of Nautilus' well-known series, and but with a more than 50% price cut, its current $439 price point makes it the budget bike of the internet. You could buy about four Nautilus bikes for the price of one Peloton bike. Just saying. Read more...

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One of the most popular Roomba models is $100 off

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 15:07

Save $101: The iRobot Roomba 675 is on sale on Amazon for $179 as of Nov. 28. 

Yes, Thanksgiving was a few days ago. Yes, we are still finding crumbs of corn bread on the floor. No shame in admitting that not every mess is easy to clean but definitely don't let the crumbs sit there any longer. Get yourself a Roomba so you can stop guessing if you got every spot and instead be sure that your robot vacuum buddy left no corner untouched. 

We're in that weird limbo between Black Friday and Cyber Monday right now but that doesn't mean all the great sales are on pause. Amazon has a ton going on (shocker) including this worthwhile deal on the Roomba 675Read more...

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Dell just released some sweet laptop deals for Cyber Monday

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 14:22

SAVE UP TO $550: Dell just released some Cyber Monday deals, and they include an Alienware m15 R3 gaming laptop and an XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop for $1,399 each.

If you were too busy recovering from Thanksgiving on Black Friday to shop the sales, you'll want to hop on as many Cyber Monday deals as you can find. Nov. 28 through Nov. 30 will be your best shot at low prices before the end of the year, and who doesn't want to save money on holiday gifts? 

SEE ALSO: These are the best laptop deals for Black Friday

Dell just dropped some serious deals for Cyber Monday, so if you've been looking for a new laptop, this sale is worth checking out. Save up to $550 on one of these picks.  Read more...

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Amazon just dropped even more deals for Cyber Monday

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 13:46

Amazon's Cyber Monday sale runs through Nov. 30 — here are the best deals so far:

Black Friday is officially over, but the holiday savings aren't — not by a long shot. Now through Nov. 30, Amazon is offering even more deals (and extending a few great ones from last week) in honor of Cyber Monday.

Here are our favorite deals that are available to shop as of Nov. 29 at 8 p.m. EST. (More are coming, so watch this space!) If you want to learn more about Amazon's Cyber Monday plans, you can find its ad here. Read more...

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Robin Sparkles from 'How I Met Your Mother' is so fun. There's just one thing...

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 13:00

Welcome to Fix It, our weekly series examining projects we love — save for one tiny change we wish we could make.

How I Met Your Mother has aged horribly. The CBS sitcom, though well-liked by many at the time, has a dumptruck full of issues, from that horrific yellowface episode, to the transphobia, to that time Barney had sex with a woman and filmed it without her consent. The entire show needs a massive overhaul, some inclusivity training, and a small nuke from orbit.

However, there is one aspect of the show that many viewers still remember fondly: I’m referring, of course, to the Robin Sparkles plot. Read more...

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'Pee-wee's Playhouse' is a bizarrely perfect pandemic binge

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 12:00

Welcome to No Shame November! This week we're diving into the pop culture we love that society tells us we shouldn't.

In 2020, I’ve fantasized about burning my home down with alarming frequency.

It’s not that I actually want to set my two-bedroom apartment aflame. I like my furniture; I cherish my pets; I would prefer my boyfriend be alive at all times. But like so many Americans trapped inside for the past nine months, my anger over the reckless mismanagement of COVID-19 has morphed into an illogical, red-hot hatred of the walls around me and the helplessness they’ve come to represent. 

For months, I feared that the growing animosity I harbored toward my apartment would swallow me (and my imaginary security deposit) whole. Then, one frustrating night (in a lengthy string of frustrating nights), I decided to rewatch Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Oddly enough, my outlook began to improve. Read more...

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This Keurig K-Cafe coffee maker is $100 off at Best Buy

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 11:06

SAVE $100: Keurig K-Café coffee, latte, and cappuccino maker is only $99 at Best Buy as of Nov. 28 in a brand-new deal. 

Black Friday has come and gone, but that doesn't mean all the deals are over. Best Buy has rolled out some additional deals for Cyber Weekend, and if you missed the Black Friday sales (or your item of choice sold out before you could get it) you'll definitely want to hop on these discounts. 

If you stayed up late looking for Black Friday sales, you might have had more coffee than water in the last two days. No judgment, but why not ditch your drip coffee maker for something better? Starting Nov. 28, the Keurig K-Café coffee, latte, and cappuccino maker is on sale at Best Buy for just $99Read more...

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Why *wouldn't* Best Buy drop brand-new deals early for Cyber Monday?

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 11:05

Best Buy is celebrating Cyber Monday all week, with new deal releases all week. Here are the best deals as of Nov. 29:

Considering that Black Friday, a once-single day event, was stretched across an entire month this year, you had to at least have an inkling that Cyber Monday wouldn't just be one day.

Best Buy has confirmed that it's participating in yet another week of deals: Starting Saturday, Nov. 28 and spanning the whole week, Best Buy will be releasing brand new deals that we didn't see for Black Friday. We're seeing a solid 55-inch 4K TV and a Dyson stick vacuum drop to the $199.99 mark, as well as at-home exercise machines for up to 40% off. Read more...

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Work smarter with this extra monitor that attaches to your laptop

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 11:00

TL;DR: Step up your WFH setup with the Mobile Pixels TRIO: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor for $207.20, which includes an additional 20% off savings with promo code BFSAVE20.

It's nice to have a multi-screen setup, especially if you're working from home. The Mobile Pixels TRIO: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor is an affordable and convenient way to make that happen.

The TRIO plugs into the side of your laptop — you'll get extra screen real estate on either the right or the left, whichever you prefer. You can then adjust the screen to avoid glare and achieve your optimal viewing angle. Read more...

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Check out new and refurbished iPads on sale this weekend

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 11:00

Sometimes the screen on your smartphone is too small, but your laptop is too bulky and cumbersome. That’s when you need the in-between screen of an iPad. 

And you don’t need a brand-new one to bask in the many benefits an iPad has to offer (though if you have your heart set on a brand-new one, you should still keep reading). The refurbished iPads below are vetted by experts and should function without issue. Some may look slightly used with a few scratches or dents; others could look fresh out of the package.

In honor of Black Friday, here are over two dozen Apple iPads — new and refurbished alike — on sale for up to 68% off as of Nov. 28. With a variety of models, storage options, and accessory bundles, you’re bound to find one to fit your needs. Read more...

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Save on a sporty, sleek smartwatch this weekend

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 11:00

TL;DR: Take Google Assistant with you wherever you go with a TicWatch sport smartwatch for $63.99, a $35 savings as of Nov. 28. 

Even with Black Friday deals aplenty, the price of the Apple Watch can be hard to swallow. If you didn't take the plunge, consider TicWatch. TicWatch is like the Apple Watch's sporty cousin — and if you're looking for fitness tracking capabilities, you won't be disappointed.

You also might be fond of its price, which has been dropped all the way down to just $63.99 for Black Friday when you use the code BFSAVE20. 

What does this ultra-affordable smartwatch have to offer? To start, Google functionalityTicWatch features Google Fit, Google Assistant, and more. Here's a little more about how it works:  Read more...

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15 Black Friday deals for dog and cat owners

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 11:00

If you did your Black Friday shopping yesterday and didn't pick up anything for your furry friends, well, shame on you. Has anyone been more supportive than your cat or dog this year? Likely not.

Luckily for you, we've compiled 15 fabulous deals for pet owners below. Plus, you can take an additional 20% off each one with the promo code BFSAVE20 at checkout. 

"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack

This cat backpack (!) has ample ventilation for your cat to comfortably ride along wherever you go. For a limited time, cat lovers can order this now for a low $95.99 (regularly $199) with the coupon code BFSAVE20.  Read more...

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Bored at home? Here are 27 DIY kits and activities on sale this weekend.

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 11:00

Is "I'm bored" the only thing you've been hearing from your kids these days? Or maybe you've been saying it. Either way, let's do something about that boredom.

Below, we've compiled 27 projects to keep you and/or your children occupied for days. You can even save an extra 20% on each item. Just don't forget to add the promo code BFSAVE20 before checkout.

SunFounder Nano DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit

Introduce your kids to the world of robotics with the SunFounder Nano DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit. For a limited time, you can order it for just $23.98 (regularly $59) with the coupon code BFSAVE20. 

SunFounder Nano DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit — $23.98 See Details Read more...

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Catch up on your streaming queue with a 4K smart TV for $200

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 11:00

SAVE $200: This TCL 55-inch 4K TV was $120 off on Black Friday, but it's now $200 off at Best Buy as an early Cyber Monday deal. 

Sometimes patience really is a virtue. Such is the case with this TCL 4K smart TV — it was $120 off on Black Friday, but it's now $200 off at Best Buy as a part of the retailer's early Cyber Monday deals.

SEE ALSO: You could use a new monitor — here are the best ones for Black Friday

When it comes to budget 4K TVs, TCL is consistently referred to as one of the best brands around because of what you get for your money. For only $199.99, you get a generous 55-inch 4K UHD display (which is bigger than you probably think; just wait until you see it in person), as well as plenty of smart features like Google Assistant, built-in Google Chromecast, access to your favorite streaming apps, and more.  Read more...

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If you bought a TV on Black Friday, you should also get a soundbar

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 11:00

Save $130: The Samsung HW-S60T 4.0-channel soundbar with built-in Alexa is on sale for $199.99 at Best Buy as of Nov. 28.

So, you bought a nice-ass new 4K TV on Black Friday. Don't settle for the TV's built-in speakers when you can have way more impressive audio output with a soundbar.

Samsung's HW-S60T 4.0-channel soundbar, which has built-in Alexa, is on sale for $199.99 at Best Buy as an early Cyber Monday deal. That's $130 off the list price, btw.

This soundbar will let you experience immersive 3D sound with whatever you're watching — you can even connect your phone to play music. There's a built-in subwoofer that provides deep, rich bass. You'll lowkey feel like you're in a movie theater. Read more...

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Genius Pack carry-on luggage is over 50% off

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 11:00

TL;DR: Add the next-level Genius Pack Supercharged Carry On to your closet for $183.99, a 53% savings as of Nov. 28 with the code BFSAVE20. 

Even if you're staying home this holiday season, it doesn't mean you won't travel again. In fact, there's actually no better time to stock up on travel gear while the prices are at rock bottom. If you've been considering upgrading to a super fancy suitcase with all the bells and whistles, you should know that the Genius Pack Supercharged Carry On is over 50% off for Black Friday. But not for long.

This luxurious carry-on is designed with a durable, polycarbonate frame and a range of category compartments that will help you stay as organized as possible. It features a secluded laundry compartment for used clothing, built-in garment loops where you can hang your clothes, and a compression trap to keep all your belongings snug and secure.  Read more...

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10 Cyber Monday deals that make awesome stocking stuffers

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 11:00

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are classic times to start holiday shopping. While you're busy checking off the big ticket items from your list, don't forget you have some stockings to stuff. 

Yeah, Cyber Week has a large focus on expensive tech like 4K TVs and laptops, but there are also some nice deals on smaller things that make for sweet stocking stuffers. We've found 10 deals that we hope to see in our stockings this season.

Amazon Fire TV Stick — save $12

Image: amazon

This small remote fits perfectly in a stocking and it can turn any TV into a smart TV. It plugs right into the TV's HDMI port and provides instant access to all the popular streaming services. Normally $39.99, the Fire TV Stick is on sale for $27.99 at Amazon. Read more...

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Comic for November 27, 2020

Dilbert - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 08:59
Dilbert readers - Please visit to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to
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Don't miss the best deals from Lovehoney's Black Friday sale

Mashable - Sat, 11/28/2020 - 06:10

SAVE UP TO 50%: Save on sex toys and lingerie in Lovehoney's Black Friday sale, with deals live until midnight on Nov. 29.

We have already made plenty of noise about Lovehoney's impressive Black Friday sale, and we're going to shout about it just once more. You can save up to 50% on a wide range of sex toys and lingerie sets until midnight on Nov. 29, so this really is your last chance to bag the best deals.

Lovehoney has made your life a little easier by lining up a selection of top deals from the sale, but we recommend checking out everything that's on offer. There is something for everyone in this sale, whether you're single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between. Read more...

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