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Robert Kirkman's 'Invincible' is coming to Amazon as an animated series

Mashable - 2 hours 43 min ago

I've preached the gospel of Invincible to you beforeMore than once. But I'm happy to cede that sacred duty to Amazon.

Robert Kirkman's long-running, now-concluded Invincible comic book is coming to Amazon in a serious way. The animated series will deliver eight hour-long episodes adapted from the superhero story that launched at around the same time as The Walking Dead.

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It's very early days for the adaptation, so details are extremely slim. The press release from Skybound, Kirkman's publishing banner, doesn't offer any specifics on how the story will be adapted. It does note, however, that Amazon's series is happening "in conjunction" with the upcoming movie adaptation from writers/directors/producers Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. Read more...

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How to Fully Restore macOS From a Time Machine Backup in Recovery Mode

How-To Geek - 2 hours 51 min ago
If you’re installing a new hard drive, or your Mac is completely messed up, you might think it’s time for a fresh installation of macOS. But if you’ve got a Time Machine backup, that’s not necessary: you can fully restore your Mac, and have all your applications and files exactly as you left them.
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Donald Trump disrespects the American flag by giving it a creepy hug, again

Mashable - 3 hours 15 min ago

On Tuesday afternoon, President Trump wrapped up a speech in front of the National Federation of Independent Businesses that included a 20-plus minute diatribe about immigration by waltzing over to an innocent American flag and embracing it. Literally. 

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As Trump waved to the cheering crowd, he slowly approached the flag with arms wide open and big smile on his face, as if he was reconnecting with an old lover, and gently enclosed the flag in his cold grasp. 


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'Gotti' appears to be posting fake positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

Mashable - 3 hours 22 min ago

UPDATE: June 19, 2018, 2:46 p.m. EDT Rotten Tomatoes told Mashable in an email that all of the reviews for Gotti are made by real users. This likely only implies that they weren't posted by bots, not that they're actually legitimate reviews.

Critics hated Gotti and according to box office numbers, the movie was barely seen by anybody in its opening weekend. 

Yet it's received quite a lot of five-star Rotten Tomatoes reviews in the past couple days from non-critic users. Perhaps a few too many five-star reviews.

This is suspicious, to say the least, and may suggest that the marketing team behind Gotti is manipulating the movie's audience score on Rotten Tomatoes with fake accounts showering Gotti with undeserved praise. Read more...

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The Best Products to Improve Your iPhone Photography

How-To Geek - 3 hours 50 min ago

Smartphone cameras have gotten incredibly good over the last few years and the iPhone’s camera is among the best—if it’s not the actua…

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Save $15 on this air fryer and see what all the fuss is about

Mashable - 3 hours 54 min ago

You try your best to be healthy. You eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink at least eight glasses of water per day, and even consume a multivitamin. But let's not forget that you're human and french fries are delicious.

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You know fried food does zero favors for your overall wellness, but how can you possibly resist a heaping plate of mozzarella sticks or chicken wings? After all, how else are you expected to enjoy a sporting event?

If you want to make your fried food consumption a slightly less glutinous affair, you might want to jump on the air fryer train you've been hearing about. Sure, eating anything air-fried still isn't as healthy as, say, a cold-pressed green juice, but if you're going to eat something friend anyway, you might as well opt for the healthier option. Read more...

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Learn MailChimp for $10 and scale your email marketing efforts

Mashable - 4 hours 2 min ago

If you’re a podcast listener, you probably know MailChimp from the meme-inspiring ad that aired before every episode of Serial. But if you have no idea what we're talking about, then allow us to explain.

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MailChimp is a popular email marketing platform for small businesses, which boasts a total output of one billion emails a day across its vast client base. When marketers want to automate large-scale campaigns with up-to-the-minute analytics and insights, MailChimp helps them do it quickly and easily. 

If you’re a marketer looking for a new email platform, or you’re just trying to spread the word about your small business in a hurry, you can get a crash course in this powerful service with MailChimp 101. This two-hour, expert-led training is on sale for 80% off the regular price.  Read more...

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Kids under the age of 21 are getting their hands on JUULs

Mashable - 4 hours 12 min ago

JUUL is a nicotine-filled vape created by smokers, for smokers who want to break their cigarette addiction. But non-smokers and teens have been using them. Read more...

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Geek Trivia: The Special Effects In Which Of These 1990s Films Inspired A Whole New Era Of Film Making?

How-To Geek - 4 hours 14 min ago
Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!
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'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' cuts badass lesbian reveal 'for time'

Mashable - 4 hours 21 min ago

Summer movie fans, it is my somber duty to inform you: we have been robbed. 

In a recent interview with BUILD, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom star Daniella Pineda detailed a scene with Chris Pratt that would've established her character's sexuality

Unfortunately, Pineda says the exchange was cut for time. 

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In the scene, Pineda's character, Dr. Zia Rodriguez, takes a moment to size up her dino-fighting buddy, Owen Grady (Pratt). After giving him a good once-over, Rodriguez says, "Yeah, square jaw, good bone structure, tall, muscles. I don’t date men, but if I did, it would be you. It would gross me out, but I’d do it."  Read more...

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Elon Musk weighs in on Trump's immigration policy with a very uninspiring tweet

Mashable - 4 hours 39 min ago

Billionaire Elon Musk has a way of kicking up a storm on Twitter from time to time, and he did it again on Tuesday morning by weighing in on Trump's widely condemned policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

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Musk tweeted a link to the song "Shelter" by the xx and then followed that up with a rather noncommittal, "I hope the kids are okay."


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 19, 2018

I hope the kids are ok

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 19, 2018

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Meanwhile, Gina Rodriguez used 'Jane the Virgin' funds to send an immigrant kid to college

Mashable - 4 hours 50 min ago

While the government remains complicit in a massive human rights violation along U.S. borders, at least one person in Hollywood is trying to make life better for immigrants.

Gina Rodriguez, star of Jane the Virgin, convinced The CW to spend the funds for its Emmy campaign on a Latinx teen's college tuition.

SEE ALSO: 7 activist groups supporting families at the border that need your help right now

The scholarship will pay for all four years of undergraduate education for the recipient (who happens to be undocumented) instead of parties and campaigns to increase Jane the Virgin's chance of winning an Emmy. Read more...

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The first 'Creed 2' poster is out and... uh... wow.

Mashable - 5 hours 6 min ago

The first poster for Creed II, the sequel to 2015's well-reviewed Rocky spinoff, has arrived and it's as dramatic and awesome as expected. 

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The poster features Adonis Creed as played by Michael B. Jordan standing tall and hella buff in gloves and striped shorts reminiscent of his character's father Apollo from the Rocky movies, with the sequel's "II" in the background. 

Know his name#CreedII

— #CREED (@creedmovie) June 19, 2018

Along with the poster came a synopsis of the movie, which will feature Adonis Creed facing off against the son of Ivan Drago, the Rocky character who killed his father Apollo in Rocky IVRead more...

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Amazon has the UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth speaker on sale for more than $100 off

Mashable - 5 hours 12 min ago

While having more music available on your smartphone than ever before is great, these devices don't always offer the best sound quality. That's where Bluetooth speakers come in, and Ultimate Ears is one of the best you can get. Thanks to Amazon, one of UE's better portable speakers is on sale for more than 40% off.

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The UE MEGABOOM speaker is currently available on Amazon for $139.99, that's $110 down from its regular $249.99 price tag — and an amazing deal. The portable speaker is definitely amongst the best UE speakers on Amazon, with 100-foot range for Bluetooth connections and nearly 20 hours of battery life. On top of that, it is water and shockproof, making it the perfect addition for those trips to the beach. Read more...

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After filming giant squids, scientists ponder what else lurks deep within the oceans

Mashable - 5 hours 14 min ago

For centuries, sailors spoke about a tentacled monster called "the Kraken" that lurked in the oceans. 

"There were tales of them pulling ships and men to their death, which may have been partially true, although sailors tell tales," Edith Widder, a marine biologist, said in an interview.

The Kraken, however, might exist — in the form of the elusive giant squid.

SEE ALSO: NASA will visit an undersea volcano in Hawaii to figure out how to hunt for aliens

Six years ago, Widder and team of scientists captured the first-ever video footage of the giant squid — which she said can grow to be the length of a four-story building — by attracting the mysterious creature to an electronic flashing lure, which mimicked the glow of a jellyfish.  Read more...

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Walmart has a Canon EOS Rebel camera with built-in WiFi on sale for $300 off

Mashable - 5 hours 26 min ago

"Pics or it didn't happen" is the summer 2018 mindset. If you don't take 500 pictures and post to Instagram four times a day while on vacation, did you even go on vacation?

You could document your adventures with bogus editing apps and blurry iPhone pictures that you'll end up deleting for storage purposes — or you could keep your memories alive with photos so detailed, they'll take you right back to where they were taken. The 18MP Canon EOS Rebel T6 EF-S is your ticket to all that, and it's on sale for $300 off at Walmart

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Top Fox TV creators condemn Fox News. Why did it take so long?

Mashable - 5 hours 27 min ago

Seth MacFarlane and Steve Levitan, the creators of Family Guy and Modern Family, respectively, have had enough of the steaming bullshit Fox News ladles out on a daily basis.

"Just blindly obey Fox News," MacFarlane (sarcastically) wrote in a Saturday tweet responding to Fox New host Tucker Carlson's absurd claim that any media reports contradicting his own network's reporting were invariably wrong. 

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MacFarlane continued: "This is fringe shit, and it’s business like this that makes me embarrassed to work for this company." Read more...

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Apple is reportedly predicting the larger 'iPhone X Plus' will be a runaway hit

Mashable - 5 hours 32 min ago

Apple is expected to release three iPhones in the same style as the iPhone X later this year, and one of them is expected to rise from the pack, literally and figuratively.

The Bell, a Korean news source, is reporting that the largest model, which is expected to have a 6.5-inch OLED screen, will be the most popular.

Apple is forecasting 70 million OLED panels for the new models, according to the report, with about 45 million for the larger 6.5-inch model, and 25 million for the 5.8-inch model (the same size as the current iPhone X). 

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These forecasts likely just for the initial quarter for the new iPhones go on sale (Apple typically sells about 75 million iPhones in the first quarter they're available). For subsequent quarters, Apple will certainly re-evaluate the "mix" based on actual sales. Read more...

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Can we please audit this college course about Frank Ocean?

Mashable - 5 hours 46 min ago

Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar have a lot in common, but there's something unexpected that sets them apart from their peers: They've each been the subject of a college course.

Now, thanks to an approved class at the University of California, Berkeley, the prolific Frank Ocean will join the elite and growing class of musicians who can claim that their work and celebrity is worthy of academic study. 

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Per The Fader, Preya Gill and Deborah Change are the two Berkeley students who proposed the class. They'll also be the ones at the front of the classroom teaching Ocean-centric lessons to students come fall 2018. They told the magazine that the course will cover everything from gender politics to the artist's musical influences, and will do so through the lens of Ocean's discography. Read more...

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Want to microdose marijuana? This company is making it easier for you.

Mashable - 5 hours 48 min ago

It's rare that you find a company that specifically wants to help you use its product less, especially in the marijuana space. But that's just what vaporizer maker Pax Labs is delivering in an update to its Pax Era device and app Tuesday: the ability to inhale cannabis in truly tiny doses.

This is unusual, because the era of pot prohibition was all about more: growers with limited space competed to give you a bigger and better high, packing their strains of weed with ever greater amounts of THC (and more recently the other major active ingredient, CBD). 

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