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Dog waits patiently until someone stops traffic so it can cross the street

54 min 54 sec ago

Unlike chickens, dogs crossing the road are a serious matter. 

On a snowy day in Chelyabinsk, Russia, a dog waited patiently to be escorted across a busy street. 

The incident, which was captured on a dashcam, shows a person in uniform approach traffic and guide the dog across the road. Once across, the dog goes on its merry way. 

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"Chelyabinsk is not so harsh," Andrey Balam's translated tweet reads. 

 With the evidence at hand, we'd have to agree. 

Though jaywalking is usually seen as a crime, we're sure this dog got off just fine. Read more...

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The UK Parliament has released a damning report on Facebook

1 hour 6 min ago

After an an 18-month investigation, the UK Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (DCMS) published a lengthy report that goes for Facebook's neck. These are the biggest burns the UK Parliament dropped on Mark Zuckerberg's empire. Read more...

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Google accidentally didn't tell anyone about the microphone in its Nest Secure device

1 hour 10 min ago

It's not every day you get a straight up "our bad" from a tech giant.

Google announced in early February that its Nest Guard device — the hub for managing a Nest Secure home security system— would get an over-the-air update to make it compatible with Google Assistant, essentially giving it the abilities of a smart speaker. 

Neat? Handy? Sure. But how this was even possible could be a cause for concern.

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It turns out that Google built a microphone into the Nest Guard without disclosing this spec to users. According to a report from Business Insider, the lack of communication about the microphone was, apparently, an oversight.  Read more...

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You probably spend more on subscriptions than you realize

1 hour 14 min ago

Take a moment to think about all the subscription services you pay for. How much do you think it adds up to each month? Probably a lot more than you realize.

A June 2018 study of 2,500 Americans, conducted by consulting firm Waterstone Management Group, revealed a major gap in perception and reality when it comes to subscription services spending.

Image: waterstone group

The firm asked participants to estimate how much they spend on subscription services each month, giving them just 10 seconds to answer. Then, they asked participants to think about it a little longer, giving them another 30 seconds to come up with a second estimate. Read more...

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Lady Gaga's new tattoo is inspired by 'A Star Is Born'

1 hour 16 min ago

Gaga posted a picture of the tribute to the classic Edith Piaf song "La Vie En Rose" on her Instagram. Read more...

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Save $250 on this powerful Dyson vacuum right now at Best Buy

1 hour 17 min ago

Dirty floors are no joke. Sometimes it's impossible to relax knowing that your space isn't spotless, and that's no way to live. But, there's a fix for that — a good vacuum. The Dyson Ball Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum is the perfect thing to get the job done and will help get rid of all of your mess-related woes.

Usually sitting at a pricey $499.99, the Dyson Ball Animal is $250 off right now at Best Buy — bringing the total price down to a much more comfortable $249.99. Now those are some huge savings for such a high-quality dust-buster. 

If the Dyson Ball Animal vacuum is one thing, it's versatile. Its short, stiff bristles allow for deep carpet penetration, but at the same time, they won't ever harm your hard floors — they perform admirably on any surface you throw at them. The Dyson's Radial Root Cyclone technology helps remove some of the toughest dirt and allergens in your home — all while maneuvering effortlessly due to its movement ball for all of those pesky, tight turns. The vacuum also has a handy quick-release wand attachment for higher spaces that you can't quite reach, a washable HEPA filter, and a bagless design for easy emptying. Read more...

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Google WiFi is *the* solution for bum routers — and 3-packs are on sale for $60 off at Amazon

1 hour 35 min ago

The router market is a war zone.

Each brand has infinite models, and trying to compare devices with 10-digit long names and four antennas gets old fast. There's a much simpler way, guys:

Google WiFi. That's it. That's the name.

Arguably the prettiest setup on the market, the Google WiFi system offers the ease that you thought was impossibleThree packs are on sale for $60 off at Amazon today — grab one and see what you've been missing.

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Google WiFi replaces your old, shitty router system and syncs with your modem and ISP to create a mesh network. First used in large-scale operations like hospitals, military bases, and even in the aftermath of hurricanes when the internet was down, mesh systems work on radio signals and ride on the connection of their sister devices to amp each other up.  Read more...

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Save more than $120 on Samsung Galaxy S9 right now on Amazon

1 hour 42 min ago

The Galaxy S10 isn't real until it's in stores.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S10 comes out in just a few weeks, you can still save on the tech company's previous generation right now. Amazon has the Samsung Galaxy S9 on sale for $599.50, or $120.49 off its retail price.

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The S9 is still one of the best smartphones Samsung has released in the last 10 years with its 5.8-inch edge-to-edge and nearly bezel-free "Infinity Display," which is built for immersive entertainment experiences. It also features Dolby Atmos support to completely lose yourself in your favorite movies and TV shows on-the-go with up to an impressive 10 hours of battery life. Read more...

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The best 'Due to personal reasons' memes to get you through the day

1 hour 54 min ago

Everyone needs to take a personal day sometimes. 

But we're sure that every HR department in the world is probably sick of the phrase "due to personal reasons" when someone requests the day off. After all, it could mean anything from "my great-aunt died" to "my nails need a fresh coat of polish and I don't want to finish this expense report today." 

The internet, of course, has taken this a step further to take a self-deprecating laugh at our best avoidant tendencies. 

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According to Know Your Meme, Twitter user @samelpan kicked off the round of over-the-top excuses, with this gem of a tweet. Read more...

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Barack Obama and the NBA are bringing a pro basketball league to Africa

1 hour 58 min ago

One of our favorite U.S. presidents and the NBA will help launch Africa's first pro basketball league. The International Basketball Federation is also involved. The new organization will be known as the Basketball Africa League or BAL. Read more...

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Best 4K TVs in the UK: from OLED to QLED, Samsung to TCL and more

2 hours 1 min ago

If you are based in the US, please visit this page.

4K displays are becoming the norm, with more streaming content available, game consoles running games in 4K, and 4K Blu-rays available for collectors. 

With all the ways to get 4K content today, you'll need a TV that's up to the task. And there's no shortage of choice. But how do you know which one is the best for you?

We've combed the internet for some of the best 4K TVs depending on your needs. Maybe you're looking for pure power, or you maybe you're on a tight budget. No matter what your needs are, these seven TV models are some of the best out there. Read more...

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Experience the world of online gaming with Xbox Live Gold–now $10 off at Best Buy

2 hours 3 min ago

Playing video games solo can be really great, but sometimes you just want to jump into something that you can share with your friends. With Xbox Live Gold, you can do exactly that – including more perks that you seriously don't want to miss. 

Microsoft's online service is now on sale for $10 off at Best Buy with either a 3-month or 6-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Usually priced at  $24.99 for 3-month access and $39.99 for 6-month access, you can now pick up subscriptions for $14.99 or $29.99, respectively. If you're yearning to build unforgettable gaming experiences with your buddies, you're going to want to check this out.  Read more...

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This Twitter thread of people who forgot words will make your day

2 hours 13 min ago

No matter how intelligent you are, there's always a chance a word will escape your brain right when you need it the most.

A recent Twitter thread, started by Paul Coxon — a physicist in materials science at the University of Cambridge — proved that not even scholars with impressive degrees are immune to forgetting words.

On Monday, Coxon tweeted to his thousands of followers to explain that even though he has a PhD in physics, he had a brain freeze and "forgot the word for photon." Instead of remembering on the spot, he was forced to describe "photon" as "a shiny crumb" in front of his colleagues. Embarrassing! Read more...

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This Cuisinart coffee maker steeps cold brew in a fraction of the time and it’s $50 off at Best Buy

2 hours 16 min ago

Cold brew coffee has a smoother and sweeter taste than traditionally brewed coffee. Heat produces oils that bring out acidic flavors in coffee, so therefore, lack of heat does not. (Science.)

Those smooth flavors don’t come easily though — it can take up to 24 hours to steep cold brew coffee using traditional methods. But hold your disappointment because the Cuisinart Automatic Cold Brew Coffee Maker produces authentic cold brew coffee in as little as 25 minutes. That may seem like an annoying amount of time to wait for coffee when you’re used to having it ready almost instantaneously. But compared to 24 hours, 25 minutes is a blink of an eye.  Read more...

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Save 25% on the all-new Fire HD 8 on Amazon

2 hours 32 min ago

Looking for a budget tablet that doesn't feel like a budget tablet? Enter the Fire HD 8, Amazon's mini tablet that's now on sale for just $59.99, or 25% off its list price. 

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Usually going for $79.99, the Fire HD 8 has a beautiful and colorful 8-inch HD display — which brings your favorite movies and TV shows to life, while it makes reading e-books and comic books easier with crystal clear text. The tablet features up to 10 hours of battery life and 16GB of storage, but it's upgradeable to a whopping 400GB with a microSD card.  Read more...

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Categories: IT General, Technology has announced a bunch of great new deals on refurbished iPhones

2 hours 56 min ago

If you are desperate to join the iPhone club but your budget isn't quite stretching that far, we have some deals that might be of interest. 

Purchasing a brand-new iPhone doesn't always make a lot of financial sense, particularly when you see some of the prices offered for refurbished handsets. Online smartphone retailer has just announced a new set of refurbished iPhone deals with some great bargains available.

Refurbished deals offer you the chance to own an iPhone with a heavily reduced price tag. These deals offer savings of up to £200 compared to the regular full-price deals. Read more...

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Save £10 on the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa voice remote

3 hours 22 sec ago

No it's not Amazon Prime Day. That's not for around another five months. There are Amazon devices on sale though, and you are unlikely to find a better price even on Amazon's special day.

You can now save £10 on an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with an all-new Alexa voice remote, available for £39.99. You can also pick up a regular Amazon Fire TV Stick for £29.99, reduced from £39.99, if you aren't 4K-ready.

The Fire TV Stick 4K is Amazon's most powerful streaming media stick and comes with a new WiFi antenna design that's optimised for 4K Ultra HD streaming. You can launch and control all your favourite movies and TV programmes with the Alexa voice remote, too. Read more...

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The best places to go on the internet if you stan possums

3 hours 15 min ago

As far as viral animals go, possums have one of the most niche followings: ignored by some, hated by others, and beloved by the very best.

If you've just discovered your love of possums (opossums in North America), know that you're not alone. There are safe spaces on the internet for possum lovers. You don't need to disguise your interest in this unabashedly rodent-like handsome marsupial. On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you can fave in peace.

There are others just like you — people who love their elongated tails and beady eyes, and who are fighting for equal possum representation in memes. Read more...

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These leaked images might have just revealed Samsung's 'Galaxy Fold' foldable phone

3 hours 16 min ago

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see Samsung's foldable phone with bated breath? 

Well, wonder no more because hours ahead of Samsung's Unpacked event, alleged images of the "Galaxy Fold" might have just revealed the phone in almost all of its glory.

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Like the Galaxy S10, which has been the unfortunate target of a stream of detailed leaks, Samsung's foldable phone, reportedly called the "Galaxy Fold," has might have just been spoiled by leaks.

Prolific phone leaker Evan Blass (better known as @evleaks) first "confirmed" the Galaxy Fold name a day before Samsung's Unpacked event in San Francisco. Read more...

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Apple plans to merge iOS and macOS apps by 2021, report says

3 hours 22 min ago

For years, Apple has been bringing its mobile, desktop and tablet platforms closer together. Features like Handoff and Continuity Camera make it easier to start working on an iPhone and continue on the Mac, for example. 

But the company still keeps Mac, iPhone, and (to some extent) iPad apps separate. In 2021, this might change. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple plans to enable developers to create apps that work on all of the company's major platforms. 

SEE ALSO: Apple's AirPods 2 might not launch until this fall

The report says the initiative is aimed at further encouraging app development.  Read more...

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